16.09.2017 Portable Cabins

More Secure than You Think

If you need premises quickly, portable cabins are an excellent solution. They are usually associated with temporary facilities, but there’s no reason why they can’t be used as a long term or permanent solution.

There have several advantages. They’re quick to set up and require no foundations, and are likely to be cheaper than conventional buildings. Because they’re modular, you can start with what you need or can afford, then add on additional units when the time is right. And they also come with extra protection as anti-vandal cabins.

Extra Security

There will be situations when additional security is required. That’s where anti-vandal cabins come in. As the name implies, these are heavy-duty cabins, designed to be tough and to withstand break-in attempts. They are most commonly used in construction sites but can be used anywhere where security is a concern.

secure cabin


What to Look For

Anti-vandal cabins will vary somewhat between different manufacturers, but there are specific features to look out for.

They’re generally made of steel, and you’ll want to check the specification of the steel, as well as the external paint finish.

Doors should have anti-jemmy surrounds so that they cannot be forced. Find out about the locks. There should be a multi-point locking system, typically 10 point for doors. Burglars have developed various techniques for breaking locks, such as drilling through them, snapping them, and lock-bumping, where a door can be opened by applying a special key and striking it. Check that the lock can resist these techniques.

Windows should be supplied with security shutters and locking systems. In some cabins, the window shutters are internally operated, which may be a consideration.


Like any other type of portable cabin, anti-vandal cabins can be fitted out for a variety of uses. They come equipped with electrics, power sockets, and heating. If needed, plumbing, toilets and showers can be installed.

Apart from construction site offices, anti-vandal portable cabins can be used for offices, canteens, toilets, changing rooms, gatehouses storerooms and so on. They can be set up so that from the inside they are just like normal buildings.

The appearance of steel anti-vandal cabins should not deter you from selecting this option. There are lots of attractive, well-designed premises nowadays which are constructed from portable cabins or shipping containers, and they regularly appear in design magazines and websites. If you are considering a portable cabin and would like the reassurance of that additional level of security, you should look seriously at anti-vandal cabins.


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