01.02.2023 Modular Buildings

Is modular a greener option for your project?

From brand new modular offices that are fully customised around your unique requirements to high-quality used modular buildings that can help you to save a lot of money, the modular approach is a truly sustainable form of construction. If you’re debating whether to choose modular buildings for a new site or the extension of existing premises, here are a few reasons why it’s a greener option.


Streamlined manufacturing

The manufacturing of modular buildings couldn’t be more efficient. All of our modular buildings are designed and made in a dedicated facility, which means that it’s simply the installation phase that takes place on your site. This offers maximum convenience to our customers, plus it means that waste is minimised thanks to excess materials either being reused, repurposed or recycled.


Minimal transportation

When you think about having a building constructed the traditional way, there are a lot of vehicles involved. Cement mixers, loaders, dumpers, bulldozers, cranes, compactors and trenchers are just a few examples, all of which take up a lot of space and pump a large volume of CO2 into the air. This doesn’t just apply to when they’re on your site, as all of these vehicles also need to get from A to B (most likely multiple times), which increases the carbon emissions and traffic congestion related to your construction project.

Modular buildings are different, as they’re manufactured in our facility and then simply transported to your site ready for installation by our specialist team. This greatly reduces the number of vehicles required, resulting in a greener, faster and more affordable construction project.


Fast installation

The longer it takes for a building to be constructed, the greater the negative effect the process can have on the local environment. Key examples are noise disrupting nearby wildlife (not to mention people), more dirt and dust being created that spreads throughout the natural surroundings, and more vehicles that can cause damage to grass and other greenery.

With modular buildings, all of these factors are minimised thanks to a much faster construction phase. In fact, studies show that modular buildings shave between 30% and 60% off the lead time compared to traditional construction, which is also great news for your organisation because your building is fully functional much sooner.


Modular buildings are designed to be green

Another great thing about modular buildings is that they’re designed with modern needs, preferences and goals at their core. A major element of this is green design, as your modular buildings will have double glazed windows and strong insulation to ensure that heat is retained effectively during the colder months. New technology also makes modular buildings easier to heat, unlike old-school versions that would remain cold and damp no matter how much you cranked up the radiators.

To maximise their levels of energy efficiency, modular buildings can also be fitted with smart heating systems, LED lighting, and you can even have solar panels installed on the roof if you plan to keep your building in place on a long-term basis.



Excellent air quality

Due to modular buildings being made in a professional facility, they remain dry throughout the manufacturing process. This is a far cry from traditional construction, which can take weeks or even months to complete, resulting in a greater possibility of damp and condensation settling into the timber and concrete. This means that a modular building maintains very good air quality once completed, which is great news for its users and especially people with respiratory problems such as asthma.

How does this make them greener? Well, the better the air quality in a room or building, the lower the requirement to constantly have the windows open. This enables you to keep warmth in when it’s cold inside, reducing the need to turn the heating up to the maximum setting.


Modular buildings can be temporary or long-term

The beauty of modular offices and classrooms is that they can be in place for as long or as little an amount of time as you wish. For instance, if you need a temporary building to use as a marketing suite, sales office, learning environment, cycle hub, toilet and shower facility, storage space, canteen, gym, staff room or any other purpose, we can install a modular building that can then be easily removed when the time comes. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a permanent solution, the very same modular building can be left in place for generations.

This flexibility and adaptability eliminates the risk of having a traditional building constructed, only for it to soon become unfit for purpose and ultimately wasted or abandoned. The optimised use of buildings is very much at the heart of a sustainable business, so we’re here to help you make your internal spaces benefit your green strategy.


We’re an eco-friendly business

As well as modular buildings in general coming with all kinds of green advantages, PF Modular is dedicated to being an environmentally friendly business. To achieve this, we created a comprehensive Sustainability Policy that we adhere to at all times, ensuring that we can provide buildings that contribute positively to the environment.


Explore your options

If you’re ready to find out more about how modular buildings will save you time and money while also being greener than the traditional construction route, get in touch with our team of experts today through our contact form.

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