26.04.2018 Modular Buildings

Six Modular Building Myths

Six Modular Building Myths

(last updated – October 2019)

Modular buildings have come a long way since the end of the war years when temporary prefab structures were rapidly assembled to replace bombed houses and schools. These poor quality structures had a bad reputation for being ugly, flimsy and uncomfortable. However, advanced building techniques and high quality materials has led to a surge in popularity for modular structures as a cost effective and sustainable building solution.

If you’re still battling with the ‘prefab’ stigma then here are 6 myths and the true facts about today’s modern modular buildings.

1. They’re Only Suitable As Portable Cabins

Fact: Modular buildings are so versatile they can be configured for a whole range of uses such as reception areas, boardrooms, schools, offices or canteens.

2. They’re Ugly

Fact: Modern modular buildings are attractive both inside and out. Made with high quality materials and a range of stunning flooring options, they provide light, spacious and stylish accommodation. Wooden clad exteriors are particularly attractive and blend in well with existing contemporary and period buildings.

3. They’re Cold

Fact: The sealing properties of modular buildings protect from the elements and provide excellent thermal insulation, resulting in an energy-efficient structure. Air conditioners help maintain the perfect ambient temperature to create a comfortable environment in both summer and winter.

4. They’re Flimsy

Fact: Modular buildings are constructed using high quality materials. They are durable, robust and sturdy. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and are constructed in a factory setting ensuring the highest standard of quality control management.

5. They’re Easy To Break In To

Fact: Modern modular buildings have a range of high quality security features that will deter even the most determined vandal or thief. Building sites are popular prey for intruders so anti-vandal cabins offer an even higher degree of security featuring reinforced steel walls, interior shutters and multi-point locking systems. Used modular buildings can be fitted with many security extras during the refurbishment phase.

6. They’re Only Temporary

Modular buildings are built to such a high standard that they are often more durable, sustainable and comfortable than many traditional buildings. They are a cost-effective alternative to expensive building works and many choose them as a permanent fixture. However, they can be easily relocated to another area making the choice of location far more flexible. Used modular buildings are even more cost-effective and are refurbished to the highest standard providing the same benefits as a brand new structure.

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