22.01.2024 Modular Buildings

A complete guide to purchasing a modular building

modular building

Modular buildings have become increasingly popular and are suitable for various uses in different sectors. Over time, the industry has developed, and many different types of modular buildings are available to choose from. 

With so much choice finding the right supplier and purchasing a modular building can be challenging. There are a lot of factors to think about, from the size and cost of the building to the experience and speed of the manufacturer. 

In this guide, we will break everything down to make buying modular buildings simple. 

How can you decide which is the right modular building for you?

Modular buildings offer a range of benefits, from cost-effectiveness to flexibility and sustainability. Despite offering similar benefits, each modular building is different. 

When choosing the right modular building, it is crucial to consider the needs and constraints of your project. This can include building purpose, size and budget.


Modular buildings are renowned for being versatile. Knowing the purpose of a modular building can influence the layout and features you must include in your building.

For example, if you are a house builder , you need a quality on-site sales location where customers can discuss buying options and view available houses. Modular sales and marketing suites are fully customisable meaning you can control the layout and design. A complete design service ensures your modular building includes all the required features, matches your brand and gives customers a great impression. Modular marketing suites can also be uninstalled and moved to a different site once all properties are sold to get the most use out of your building. 

Another option could be that you are looking for office space. Modular offices offer motivating workspaces and include all the amenities staff need to work comfortably. Again, you have complete control over design and layout. Your office could be collaborative and open-plan or include private meeting rooms. Toilet facilities, kitchen facilities, and even break rooms can be provided. 

Modular Sales and Marketing suite


Modular buildings are built to fulfil your specific requirements, including capacity and functionality. So it’s essential to consider what facilities you require and how many people will use the building at any given time.

A wide range of sizes are available as modules can be put together to create additional space and form a larger building. Modular buildings themselves are versatile enough that modules can be added later to extend your building if you need more space.

Single and multi-storey modular buildings for sale are available. So, no matter the size of your business or institution, there’s a building to suit your requirements.


Budget is naturally a major contributor when it comes to selecting a building. Before looking at modular buildings for sale, it is wise to set an approximate budget. There is a modular building to suit every budget. 

Modular buildings are significantly less expensive than traditional buildings due to onsite building and transportation costs being minimised by factory construction. The price can be further influenced by size, style and various features. 

There are also different types of buildings available, both new and used. You can stretch your budget further by considering used modular buildings for sale.

Choose the right provider for your modular buildings UK

Many modular building companies across the UK include large nationwide manufacturers and smaller local suppliers. You do not necessarily need to select the biggest company to get the best building for your needs. However, there are a few factors that you should consider when choosing the right modular building provider.

Experience and Professionalism

Professional and experienced manufacturers provide high-quality, durable modular buildings. These suppliers also know how to help you maximise your budget and ensure you get a modular building that meets all your requirements.

You can check a modular building provider’s experience through case studies and reviews. You should also check for qualifications such as accreditations from Constructionline. 

You can also check if your provider is part of any building associations. Well-established and trusted modular building companies are often part of the MPBA. 


Modular buildings are used across a wide range of industries in the UK. They provide modern classrooms, motivating workspaces, clinical healthcare facilities, and more. Suppliers with experience in lots of sectors can offer greater expertise. 

Your provider must understand your industry and your needs. Check your supplier’s experience in your industry by asking for examples or previous work.

Speed and Cost

Modular buildings are significantly cheaper and faster to install than traditional buildings. This is due to most of the construction occurring in a factory environment.

Different providers, however, have different pricing and timescales for installation. It is worth looking into multiple suppliers to find the best building for your budget. If you require additional space urgently, PF Modular can provide a standard layout building in just 2-3 weeks.

Customisation Options

The great thing about modular buildings is that they can be customised to be completely bespoke to your business and needs. You can design the layout, configuration and features of your modular building.

Think about what features and fittings would benefit the users of your space and speak to your modular building supplier for recommendations. Various suppliers may offer different options, so research which supplier best suits your end goal. Have a conversation with your proposed modular building supplier, as they may offer suggestions that you haven’t considered. 

Modular kitchen

What are the steps to purchasing a modular building?

Once you have narrowed down the type of modular building you would like to purchase and selected a provider, you can begin the buying process.

Enquiry: Contact your modular building provider by phone, email, or by completing a contact form. You can tell the provider what you want in your modular building from here.

Design and Planning: Once a project brief has been determined, an expert team will begin the initial design stage.

Approval: When you are happy with all designs, they will be approved by building regulations and any local bodies.

Manufacturing: If the building is not yet constructed, it will be manufactured in a controlled factory setting. If the modular building is already built, this is when any customisation work will occur.

Delivery and Installation: Once the building is completed to your specifications, it will be delivered and installed at your site.

Handover: When your building is installed, the team will inform you on how to maintain your modular building.

Modular buildings for sale from PF Modular

PF Modular is a proud member of the MBPA and a trusted, professional supplier in the modular industry. We have the expertise to work with you from initial enquiry and design all the way to delivery and installation. 

At PF Modular, we offer a complete turnkey package to reduce project costs and timescales, while ensuring a hassle-free experience. In addition to this, we can also help you with finance options.

We supply modern modular buildings in the UK, suitable for the requirements of various industry sectors. No matter your needs, we have a modular building for you! Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our modular buildings for sale. 

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