Modular Marketing Suites and Portable Sales Offices

Provide an attractive purpose-built location for customers to visit on-site.

Create The Right Impression with a modular marketing suite

A smart marketing suite is essential to make a great first impression, and a modular marketing suite will live up to all your expectations of quality, style and budget.

Custom built for your needs and quickly installed, there’s a competitively priced suite for every customer-facing use.

Modular Marketing Suites for New Build Sites

It is essential to have a presentable space to see customers and represent your product and brand. Your business could involve customers visiting your office or sales location to view the land, properties or new builds. These offices need a full range of facilities. Most sales offices and marketing suites for recent build locations are modular buildings, but you would never think it. Portable marketing suites are the logical choice as it is easy to remove once all the houses are sold and do not affect the market value of the properties. Our modular buildings are flexible enough that you can set up a mini “show apartment” to showcase the kitchen and bathroom options available.

Our modular marketing suites are modern and designed with full insulation and the best electrician and plumbing facilities. These facilities help ensure a pleasant and safe working environment for your sales teams and customers. In addition, our modular marketing suites are tailored to meet your exact specifications and requirements, including separate meeting rooms for managers, staff kitchenettes and toilets, workstations with cabling for IT, and casual, open-plan areas for customers seating.

Benefit from our modular marketing suite design features

As our modular marketing suites are built to order, we provide a complete design service to ensure they match your brand and fit your needs. Eliminating staff pain points and ensuring they are built to last the seasons helps you make more significant and faster savings on your ROI. You can add a branded canopy, porch, full-height glass doors, or windows to maximise light. You can also choose suspended ceilings and downlighting, ergonomic workstations, and a mix of attractive flooring to showcase available options. The vast and diverse possibilities offer even more flexibility than a traditional linear building project.

Inside & Out Of A Marketing Suite

Benefits of modular marketing suites

Modular marketing suites are modern and sustainable options for the construction industry. These portable buildings provide a reusable alternative to linear construction methods, reduce waste and are proven to last.

  • Offsite construction for quick and easy install
  • Easy to move from site to site as needed
  • Multiple sizes and specifications are available
  • Incorporate the latest in IT and AV technology
  • Reconfigure as requirements change
  • Good value for money and return on investment

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