Modular Classrooms

Bespoke modular classrooms for the education sector

The education sector can benefit significantly from modular classrooms and portable school buildings

The education sector faces many challenges when looking to accommodate the growing needs of students and staff. They need to be able to expand safely and affordably to create an ideal learning environment. Whether your new classroom is a temporary building or a permanent addition to your school’s learning environment, we can help you. We also have a partner if you need help to finance your building.


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Are modular classrooms environmentally friendly?

Our modular classrooms are sustainable and future-proof. As your school grows, changes and develops, your modular building can be moved and repurposed as needed, ensuring that your investment is safe. Our modular classrooms are fitted with high-quality, modern and state-of-the-art heating, plumbing and electrical units as standard. The offsite construction method contributes less waste to landfills, saves energy and resources, and minimises disruption to the surrounding environment and community. In addition, all of our modular school buildings come with an energy performance certificate (EPC) and are BB93, BB101 and BB103 compliant.

A two-story rectangular building with alternating wood and black panels, featuring numerous windows and adjacent landscaping, sits under a bright sky surrounded by trees and a paved pathway.

Our buildings go well beyond DfE area guidelines.

These modular buildings conform to all building regulations and all relevant legislation. In addition, they are custom-designed and look great, inside and out. So whether you’re in a nursery, a primary or junior school, or in secondary or higher education, our classroom solutions are available in various cost-efficient sizes. For more information, see our article on how much a modular classroom costs.

  • Schools can benefit from extra class space with modular classrooms.
  • Nurseries can expand care and play areas with specially designed portable cabins.
  • Universities can create new learning centres and improve an ageing architecture.
  • Colleges can make use of purpose-built labs or gymnasiums.
  • Playschools can accommodate the learning needs of their age group.

With the growing difficulties in our economy, schools see cutbacks each year on funding. However, it is vital to know that modular construction costs are around 50% less than a full-scale building project, with an average of 70% time-saving. These savings are possible thanks to offsite construction, which are less disruptive to students’ learning as we can arrange modular classroom delivery during weekends and holidays.

Our expertise gained from over 15 years of experience means we supply a suitable building for you, stress-free. Whether your new modular classroom is a temporary building or a permanent addition to your school’s learning environment, we can help you. We also have a partner if you need help to finance your construction.

Whatever the facility you need for your learning environment, whatever the size, we can create it. Modular classrooms are flexible and versatile and almost limitless in the designs we can provide. In addition, we can integrate your new modular space with your existing school buildings so that the buildings blend seamlessly. Whether you’re after a traditional or a contemporary exterior finish, we have an extensive range of options for finishes and cladding. Suppose you want a building that blends in, or you want to make a stylish, modern statement that your students and their parents will love. In that case, we design and create to your specification. PF Modular offers you a wide range of internal layouts and finishes, and your space becomes just what you need. Find out more on how classrooms are made to be just right.

What is a bespoke modular classroom?

Having a bespoke modular classroom means it is designed to fit your needs:

  • Your new Science lab comes equipped with benches, sinks and non-slip flooring.
  • Your Music suite has up-to-the-minute acoustic treatments and soundproofing.
  • Your Studio has blackout drapes, full-length mirrors and excellent acoustics.
  • Your Food Tech classroom has food prep and cooking facilities and temperature-controlled storage space.

Our Modular Classroom Process

We custom-design and build to meet your precise requirements, down to the last detail.

  • When we’re confident your new classroom is complete, we put it on an HGV, drive it to your site, and crane it into position.
  • Please make sure your site is accessible by our lorry and that our crane can get in to lift the modules into position.
  • Allow for about 1–2 working days on-site for installation. After that, we’ll need around another 5–7 working days for fit-out with the relevant trades to do the things that just can’t be done offsite.
  • Disruption to your students’ learning is kept to a minimum.


Buy Used Modular Classrooms

Schools can access refurbished modular classrooms to help budgets stretch further. These portable buildings are held to the same standards as new modular buildings but at a fraction of the original cost. We have a range of pre-owned, refurbished facilities available, which can be modified to fit your needs. Used modular classrooms have a much lower overall cost than a new product. You’re also benefiting your environment, which students, parents and governors will all appreciate – sustainability is a crucial win here.

Full Turnkey Service

The education sector is not an easy space to work. That’s why we offer a complete, turnkey service: we can do everything from groundworks to installing mains services; from interior fit-out to exterior cladding; from complete installation to ongoing maintenance, whether your mobile classroom building is bespoke or refurbished.

So, suppose you’re a school business manager, a headteacher, a governor, a facilities manager or a school administrator. In that case, we’ll help you navigate the route to your new modular classroom, through all the legislation and regulations, to the final project delivery.

How Can We Help You?

Modern, cost-efficient and sustainable, without the mess, disruption and potential for over-running costs and timeframes, our modular classrooms are custom designed to meet your needs. Find out more by looking at our list of Modular FAQs first, or get in touch with one of us. We’re here to help. So give us a call now on 01420 587880 or email us directly.

Inside & Out Of A Modular Classroom