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Portable building

15.07.2024 Cabins, Posts & News

Safety Standards and Best Practices for Portable Office Setups

As businesses grow and the need for versatile workspaces grows, portable cabins offer a flexible, cost-effective solution. Whether businesses need temporary offices or long-term...

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A modern two-story modular building with wood and dark panels, surrounded by a wooden fence, is situated along a paved walkway with trees and another brick structure in the background.

15.07.2024 Posts & News

How Modular Buildings Are Supporting Sustainable Practices in Education

Over the last few years, sustainability has grown from a buzzword to an essential imperative across various sectors, including education. As educators and project...

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Office chairs and desks are neatly arranged, surrounded by windows and bright overhead lighting in a spacious, modern office environment. The far wall has motivational text displayed.

14.06.2024 Posts & News

Easily Adapt Your Business Space with a Modular Office

Adaptability and efficiency are essential for businesses wanting to keep up with their competitors. Project managers and business owners are constantly seeking innovative solutions...

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Inside a modular classroom on a refurbished modular building project. A spacious computer lab contains rows of desks with blue chairs, each desk equipped with computers. Bright overhead lights illuminate the room with windows providing natural light; a projector hangs from the ceiling.

14.06.2024 Posts & News

How to create inclusive learning spaces with modular classrooms

Today’s learning spaces need to accommodate the diverse needs of students, so it is important for schools to create inclusive environments. Thoughtful adjustments in...

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two toy cars on the floor of a modular nursery building

17.05.2024 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

Transforming Early Years Education with Modular Nursery Buildings

Early childhood education is the foundation for lifelong learning and development. Creating flexible and inspirational nursery spaces is crucial to nurture young minds effectively....

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A white truck with "David Watson" lifting a prefabricated building module using a crane, surrounded by trees and a construction worker in a helmet and vest on a construction site.

17.05.2024 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

Modular Buildings and the Changing Construction Landscape

Most industries are impacted by changes in expectations and technological developments happening at a fast pace, and the construction sector is no different. Businesses...

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Priestlands School used modular building. 2 storey refurbished modular building with timber cladding A two-story modular building with wooden and dark panels sits within a fenced area. The surrounding context includes a brick structure, trees, and a paved pathway with parked cars.

26.04.2024 Posts & News

The environmental benefits of modular construction in education

Schools, colleges and universities need to set a good example for the next generation and provide young people with positive role models. A large...

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A modern office with white desks, black chairs, and a vibrant green leaf-patterned wall. There’s a separate seating area with bar stools and tables against a wall.

26.04.2024 Posts & News

How modular offices can transform your business image

Your office environments play a significant role in shaping how clients, partners and employees perceive your business. Luckily for organisations based all around the...

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A gray portable building with windows sits on a gravel lot, surrounded by overgrown grass, under a partly cloudy sky.

12.03.2024 Posts & News

Why hiring a temporary building is the perfect solution to your business needs.

Businesses have to be ready to handle anything that arises. Responding to unforeseen circumstances can put a strain on a company, so having facilities...

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A dark grey rectangular portable building stands on a gravel and grassy area. It has multiple rectangular windows, a door, and containers stacked nearby.

01.03.2024 Posts & News

Customisable Portable Cabins for your unique space needs

Finding space for your business isn’t always an easy task. Some businesses need to provide workspaces in difficult environments. Portable cabins are more versatile...

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Desks with office chairs sit in a brightly lit room, adjacent to a wall with leaf-patterned wallpaper. High tables with barstools are in the background.

29.02.2024 Modular Buildings

The Power of Smart Office Design and Modular Buildings.

Our place of work isn’t just a physical location where we get our work done; it is more than that. Offices have an effect...

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A gold banner with a column graphic at the top center. Text reads: "Constructionline Gold Member." The background is solid gold in color.

26.01.2024 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

Gold members of Constructionline

We are proud to announce that PF Modular achieved Constructionline’s Gold-level membership status in January 2024. This accreditation verifies that we have been assessed...

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modular building

22.01.2024 Modular Buildings

A complete guide to purchasing a modular building

Modular buildings have become increasingly popular and are suitable for various uses in different sectors. Over time, the industry has developed, and many different...

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Interior of a modular classroom showing rows of desks. Rows of blue chairs and wooden desks are lined up in a brightly-lit classroom with windows, ceiling lights, a projector, a computer desk, a green door, and colorful pinboards on the walls.

18.12.2023 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

How can Modular Buildings offer pupils a brighter future?

In recent years, the education sector has undergone significant changes and schools have had to adapt quickly to keep up. Education establishments must respond...

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Priestlands School used modular building. 2 storey refurbished modular building with timber cladding A two-story modular building with wooden and dark panels sits within a fenced area. The surrounding context includes a brick structure, trees, and a paved pathway with parked cars.

18.12.2023 Buildings, Business, Modular Buildings, Posts & News

Repurposing Used Modular Buildings for a Sustainable Future

In the pursuit of a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, the construction industry has found a fantastic solution in modular buildings. These versatile structures,...

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