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sales and marketing suite from the outside

16.11.2023 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

Why your business needs a modular marketing suite.

Businesses have to constantly find new ways to innovate, and thinking about a fresh approach to your premises can be the answer. Modular buildings...

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single storey modular building

20.10.2023 Modular Buildings

Three ways to transform a used modular building

Modular buildings are primarily constructed in controlled factories to produce units called modules. Professionals assemble these prefabricated units onsite to form highly flexible and...

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Modular building on site

12.10.2023 Buildings, Business, Modular Buildings

The Longevity of Modular Buildings

As many businesses look for innovative solutions for their premises, modular buildings are becoming a more viable solution. The combination of versatility, efficiency and...

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Quality modular office

06.10.2023 Business, Modular Buildings

Expanding Office Space Without Compromising on Quality

As your business changes, you’ll need to consider how your offices work for you, your business and your employees. Modular buildings provide high-quality and...

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Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC)

29.09.2023 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

Modular Building solutions to the recent RAAC crisis

In recent months, the United Kingdom has found itself in the midst of a space crisis, particularly impacting schools and public buildings. The problem...

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modular classroom

25.09.2023 Modular Buildings

Is modular a greener option for your project?

With growing concerns surrounding climate change, sustainability within the construction industry is becoming increasingly important. Modular building is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional...

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Portable School Buildings

15.08.2023 Modular Buildings

How can modular buildings enhance education?

Modular classrooms are an excellent option to accommodate the growing needs of students and staff quickly and affordably. Modular buildings can be designed to...

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A new modular office

19.06.2023 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

Are Modular Offices a cost-effective solution for businesses?

For a business to be truly successful, finding new and innovative ways to stay cost-effective is a must. It can be increasingly hard to...

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Modular building

08.06.2023 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

How can modular buildings enhance learning and growth in nurseries?

Making the most of early years education is essential to the ongoing learning and development of young minds. Providing flexible and inspirational spaces for...

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31.05.2023 Cabins, Posts & News

Maximise efficiency and flexibility with portable cabins on construction sites

Portable cabins are a familiar sight on many construction sites, and there is a good reason for that. As a dynamic and fast-paced sector,...

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modular buildings

26.05.2023 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

Why are modular buildings a good investment?

At a time when UK organisations are experiencing increases in costs across many goods and services, businesses are having to think carefully about reviewing...

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30.04.2023 Cabins

The versatility of temporary portable buildings

Temporary portable buildings are versatile structures that can be used for a variety of purposes. Due to many of our customers only needing a...

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16.04.2023 Modular Buildings

The benefits of modular buildings in the education sector

Modular classrooms are prefabricated structures perfectly designed to act as temporary or permanent learning spaces. These modern, spacious and energy-efficient classrooms are constructed off-site...

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31.03.2023 Posts & News

Have you considered purchasing a used modular building?

We have talked before about the great benefits that modular buildings can bring to your growing business. With so many functions and their versatility,...

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31.03.2023 Posts & News

How to elevate your business with a luxury marketing suite.

A marketing suite is a great way to welcome visitors onto your site or development. You want your visitors to build that long-lasting first...

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