New Modular Buildings from PF Modular

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New Modular Buildings from PF Modular

PF Modular is one of the leading suppliers of new modular buildings in the UK. We have supplied many modular buildings to different industries and businesses during our service. With the ability to construct a unique modular construction specific to our client’s needs, we are a firm favourite for providing that extra touch and going the extra mile for nailing your design needs, delivering truly unique and serviceable modular buildings. Our high standards and competitive prices have pushed us to the forefront of leading modular building suppliers.

New modular units

Modular buildings are the newest push in the construction industry to create more sustainable buildings quicker and faster without reducing quality materials or craftsmanship. Not only are new modular units attractive and in line with legislation, but they are also one of the primary schemes in place for helping the construction industry reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint. The offsite, factory volumetric construction of modular units allow for the immediate savings surrounding the reduction of waste, labour, time and material usage, which ultimately is seen in the savings the buyer receives.

  • Modular units are built offsite, reducing pollution, congestion, and disruption.
  • Offsite construction only uses the required amount of materials, reducing resource and energy waste and limiting the number of materials which go to landfills.
  • Modular units are held to high environmental legislation in line with linear builds.
  • Our modular units are built using modern materials, technology and techniques that create an insulated and efficient space.

Why choose us for new modular buildings?

We provide an end-to-end modular building service. Partnering with PF Modular means, you’ll know you are looked after from start to finish of your project. We are full members of the MPBA, proven experts and trusted in the industry means we can supply advice and aid and even help facilitate finance.

When you sign up for your new modular unit, you can benefit from a complete turnkey service. This package is designed to reduce project costs for you, improve timescales and reduce stress for a hassle-free experience. Our on-site experts can help with:

  • Groundworks
  • Crane Hire
  • Transportation
  • Building Control
  • Planning Application
  • Access Ramp and Steps

Our new modular units are suitable for all scenarios and meet the demands of all modern legislation and policies, meaning you don’t need to worry about a thing. The new modular units aren’t only stylish and certified, but they are also designed to fit in with current standards of design and architecture, making them attractive and seamless. External finishes help blend modular buildings with their surroundings, including claddings, timber, brick, stone or plaster rendered walls.

Modular buildings we stock

PF Modular can provide new modular buildings in various shapes and sizes, with a wide choice of internal layouts, design features and optional extras depending on your needs. So whether you require a modular classroom or an office space, we can provide exact equipment to fulfil those specifications. Our new modular buildings are made from galvanised steel ring beam chassis, plastic-coated steel exterior and a range of roofing materials depending on the building use. With an extensive range of sizes, our new modular buildings are flexible, and design opportunities are endless.

Our new modular buildings can be linked side to side, stacked upwards or even made into an entire building complex, allowing the excellent scale to growth possibilities.

How PF Modular can help

PF Modular new modular buildings are suitable for all industries. They can be applied to many different applications and settings – including modular classrooms, offices, toilet and shower blocks, welfare stations, marketing suites, club rooms and more. PF modular can also supply a range of anti-vandal modular buildings explicitly designed with your security in mind. These new modular buildings are built to withstand extreme external wear and tear without being uncomfortably or ugly. Choosing a new modular structure will provide you with a wealth of benefits and the opportunity to design something exactly to your specifications. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about what is involved in ordering a new modular building.

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