Sustainability Policy

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Based in Hampshire, PF Modular has been providing portable and modular accommodation solutions to businesses and organisations since 2005. Our knowledge and expertise mean we can satisfy a diverse range of customer requirements, from secure storage units to bespoke, multi-storey modular office buildings, portable classrooms and modular marketing suites.

Sustainability is crucial to us, and we go to great lengths to minimise the negative impact of what we do. We believe our buildings contribute positively to the environment, reducing the negative impact of traditional build to the local environment and wildlife.

Our company ethos is to provide high-quality accommodation at excellent value for money while protecting and enhancing the environment on both a local and global level wherever we can while reducing, recycling and reusing building materials is at the heart of our business.

We undertake to deliver sustainable profitable growth while satisfying our ethical, legal and contractual obligations:

Social and Economic

  1. Encourage innovation from staff and our supply chain that can create financial savings and benefit our customers, society and the environment.
  2. Offer training and career development to our staff, supporting them to be engaged, motivated, competent and active members of the community working towards sustainable success.
  3. Carry out all works with positive consideration to the needs of our staff, customers, visitors and the general public.
  4. Use local labour where feasible to increase local employment and reduce our carbon footprint.
  5. Support community projects where we are able.


  1. Actively promote sustainability in our industry and to our customers, encouraging re-use and recycling.
  2. Ensure our office functions are low energy/eco friendly and low environmental impact with measures in place to aid re-use and recycling.
  3. Minimise our use of fossil fuel energy, using low energy, eco settings and renewable energy sources where possible.
  4. High insulation values in our buildings reduce the need for additional heating and cooling which can be damaging to the environment.
  5. We use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible and ensure that any timber products are sourced from sustainable forests.
  6. Using modular construction methods we are able to avoid heavily processed, environmentally damaging materials such as steel, concrete and cement.
  7. Re-use of materials and recycled materials to minimise our use of raw materials.
  8. Reduce waste generation and recycle surplus materials where we can. Any waste generated will be recycled or disposed of responsibly.
  9. Working sites will be kept in good order at all times and dust will be kept to a minimum.
  10. Our waste management includes avoiding pollution and the protection of trees and wildlife.

For any further questions concerning sustainability, please get in touch.