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Are Modular Offices a cost-effective solution for businesses?

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For a business to be truly successful, finding new and innovative ways to stay cost-effective is a must. It can be increasingly hard to keep costs under control, particularly with the cost of materials and supplies continuing to rise. With this in mind, companies are looking for more cost-efficient answers to their office space needs. One solution to business office space requirements that could answer these issues is to look at modular buildings.


The cost benefits of modular office buildings.


Have you considered whether a modular office could be your next investment for your business? If not, let us look at some reasons why we think a modular option could be the way to go. Modular offices could bring cost savings to your business while giving you a modern and spacious working environment.

Some benefits may be obvious, but you may not have thought about the other advantages.


Fewer construction costs

The traditional method of building requires weeks or even months of groundwork before the construction can even begin. Digging out footings and foundations can take a long time and not to mention the labour costs associated with this process.

Also, the process is much more streamlined because modular buildings are constructed in a factory environment. The planning and materials are kept under closer control, resulting in reduced waste and a much faster process.

Reduced waste leads to reduced costs. You are not paying for unnecessary waste, as any production cost savings are ultimately passed onto the end user.

Many businesses are seeing construction costs that are up to 20% lower than compared with traditional construction.


Quicker build time

With the efficiencies of the factory construction and the off-site build means that groundwork and building can take place at the same time. The streamlined process means that the overall project is completed in a much quicker time. In fact, companies can expect to see a project timeline of up to 50% less than a traditional build.

There are other benefits as well as cost savings that come from reduced labour costs associated with a shorter construction time. When your building is completed, you’ll be able to move in and get to work sooner than if you had opted for a traditional build. As they say, time is money!

Constructing a modular office


Flexibility and scalability

As business needs change, many companies must reconsider their working space. Adding flexibility to your space is an excellent way of future-proofing your work environment. Modular buildings provide unrivalled flexibility when it comes to office space.

Knowing that your office space can be modified to suit your changing needs gives your business confidence. This confidence comes from knowing that your business can grow without significant investment or disruption due to relocation.

Modular buildings give you the option to move walls or build partitions easily. You may have an open space that needs to be split into individual offices or vice versa. The choice is yours and can be completed quickly and with little cost.

Further to adjusting your space, if your business increases and you need extra space, no problem! Modular buildings offer you scalability that just isn’t as easy when you have a traditional structure. With a traditional building, you’ll need to get the architects in, get drawings done, and so on. Not with modular.

Think of modular office buildings as Lego blocks. Need extra space? Simply choose your module and add it on. Ok, there’s a little more to it than that, but that’s the concept. It’s quick, it’s easy and most importantly, it’s cost-effective.


Lower operating costs

Modular buildings have been constructed with energy efficiency in mind. Obviously, this is great for the environment when most businesses are more aware of their carbon footprint. Further to the clear benefits to the world around us, energy efficiency also has a positive effect on your bottom line.

The construction process uses high-quality machinery designed to produce modular buildings, making them energy efficient to produce. They are also constructed using superior insulation, making them easy to heat, which saves on heating bills.

Modular buildings are also fitted with energy-efficient LED lighting and energy-saving equipment. Many previous modular building customers have reported energy savings of up to 30% compared to conventional buildings.

PF Modular building shown in the dark with lights on

Modular buildings can save you money

Every penny counts when it comes to your business. The money you could save on choosing a modular office building for your company can be reinvested into your business. Whether you need to renew your furniture or hire more staff, you’ll have more funds available by going modular for your space.

Not only that, but the cost savings come with other benefits for your business. Saving money on reduced construction time means less disruption to you and your staff. Reduced costs on your energy bills also means you’re protecting the environment with a reduced carbon footprint. And the cost saved on modifying your space rather than moving means that staff wellbeing can take priority.

PF Modular have a wide range of options for your company offices. Our modular buildings can be constructed to suit your needs. Whether you need one unit for a handful of staff or if you want a multi-storey building to accommodate hundreds, we can help. We have options for you, no matter the size of your business.

Contact a member of the friendly team at PF Modular today and get your office off the ground.

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