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Case Study: Tarmac CRH

Rectangular grey modular building, standing on a raised concrete platform with three windows, surrounded by outdoor elements such as trees and a railing, under a partly cloudy sky.

Three Bay Modular Refurbishment

Key Facts:

  • CLIENT: Tarmac CRH
  • LOCATION: London
  • SIZE: 108m2
  • SECTOR: Construction
  • TYPE: 3 Bay Single Storey
  • DATE: June/July 2021


Client Brief
As a leading supplier of construction materials and products, Tarmac required a high-quality office to incorporate meeting rooms with WC’s and kitchen to enhance their facilities at an existing site. It was imperative that the vast majority of fit-out was completed ”off-site” to ensure that once delivered, the client could take possession and occupation.

The Result
From our vast pre-owned modular stock, PF modular selected a 3no 12m x 3m module complex. We were then able to quickly strip out, reconfigure and fit-out to the design and finish that our client required. It took 8 weeks from the design to the delivery of the building.

The Challenges
Due to being situated on a “live working site” the install and fit-out needed to adhere to high safety standards and to ensure minimal disruption.
It was equally important that the aesthetics of the building that was delivered mirrored that of existing buildings at the facility.
We had to ensure that the foundation drawing which was issued to clients Engineers had minimal tolerances to the footprint of the structure.


One of the modules being loaded onto the delivery lorry.


The interior before work carried out on decoration and refurb.

Interior view of above nearing completion.

Exterior view of the finished modular building.


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