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Customisable Portable Cabins for your unique space needs

A dark grey rectangular portable building stands on a gravel and grassy area. It has multiple rectangular windows, a door, and containers stacked nearby.

Finding space for your business isn’t always an easy task. Some businesses need to provide workspaces in difficult environments. Portable cabins are more versatile than you might think and are easily transportable to enable space or refuge in the harshest settings. The robust nature of a portable cabin also makes it suitable for any industry. 


Portable cabins are highly customisable, which means that they can be used anywhere for anything. PF Modular has a wide range of portable cabins for sale, so we can help you find the right space. But how do you know if a portable cabin will suit your needs?



Portable Cabins for any use


Every business needs space to be able to operate. Whether you are a small business getting started or a larger organisation that needs to expand, work areas are essential. Either way, your business needs something cost-effective and flexible. You may also need something convenient and quick if your business calls for it. The chances are a portable cabin will provide exactly what you need, whatever your need. 


Many different sectors have relied on portable cabins for their spacing solutions. 

  • Construction sites

Construction projects often require on-site office and administration space. Portable cabins are strong enough to withstand the rigours of a construction site. They are also easily movable to another location when needed. 

  • Start-ups and Growing Businesses 

If you are just starting out, a portable cabin might be a good option for office space. This could be a great way to reduce your initial outlay in the early stages of your business. Alternatively, you may have a business that requires additional space while you plan for your next step. 

  • Education

Portable cabins are perfect for schools or training centres that need additional classroom space or offices. 

  • Retail Spaces

Retailers may need flexible space if their business is seasonal. Alternatively, a portable cabin could offer cost-effective additional storage space on a temporary basis.


This is just scratching the surface of what portable cabins can offer your business. PF Modular have found the applications for portable cabins to be extremely far-reaching. Portable cabins have been supplied as welfare units, providing rest areas and changing facilities for on-site workers. There has even been a request for a portable cabin with a completely black interior for a film company. 




What makes Portable Cabins so flexible?


Many businesses have trusted portable cabins for years; their design has evolved and improved over time. But what is it about portable cabins that makes companies rely on them time and time again? 


“Customisable portable cabins offer flexibility in terms of design, layout and functionality,” says Lawrence Higgins, Sales & Technical Consultant at PF Modular. “Users can choose from a variety of options, including different floor plans, room configuration, facilities and corporate identity.”



When choosing your portable cabin you can take control of the total design of the cabin. From layout to aesthetics, the choice is yours. It’s one of the most undeniable features of portable cabins. Depending on its end use, you can choose to have an open-plan space or design separate rooms or compartments. 


Adaptability to your environment

The strong construction of a portable building makes it suitable for any environment. A cabin will be just as useful in a busy city centre, a quiet suburban area or a construction site. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, they can be relied on to provide facilities wherever you need them. Their robust nature also makes portable cabins suitable for short-term or long-term projects. 


Quick Installation

Their portability is at the heart of these cabins. This convenience means you can install a portable cabin quickly, allowing your business to respond to short lead times or emergencies. Getting a workspace up and running quickly means you don’t lose precious time on your project. 



Off-site construction makes portable cabins an extremely cost-effective solution to your space requirements. They are also very cheap to run, keeping your ongoing costs to a minimum. If you are just starting out or only have a temporary requirement, you can avoid the commitment of a long-term lease. You could even consider purchasing used portable cabins to reduce your outlay even further. 


Temporary or Permanent

It’s a common misconception that portable cabins are only used temporarily. Many businesses see the long-term benefits of cabins. They are built to last. Portable cabins are constructed to withstand being moved from one site to another. This means they are also strong enough to last wherever they are installed. 


Portable cabin ready for installInterior of a portable cabin 


The wide-reaching benefits of Portable Cabins. 


The points we have covered in this article have shown the vast flexibility of cabins. Their design capabilities and robust construction make them a viable option for many business owners and their staff. 


“Portable cabins provide secure workspaces and storage for many organisations, which also helps to reduce insurance costs and liabilities,” Lawrence advises. For more remote sites, anti-vandal cabins with their steel exterior provide even more security. 


So, wherever you are based or whatever industry you are in a customisable portable cabin will provide usable space for you. Lawrence Higgins concludes, “Portable cabins provide a comfortable working environment that addresses temperature, air quality, natural light, external noise reduction and security.” Everything your business needs to operate successfully. 



PF Modular supply Portable Cabins for everyone


Whether you are looking for a brand new or used cabin, PF Modular can help your business with versatile space. We’ll guide you through the design, layout and size of the cabin to best suit your business. 


We’ll demonstrate just how customisable portable cabins can be and help you find the right portable cabin for you. Please speak to our friendly team today. 

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