08.02.2023 Modular Buildings

Make a big impression with modular buildings

PF Modular building with wooden and glass facade; "PF MODULAR SUSTAINABLE MODERNISATION" text on walls; visitor parking signs in front on paved area; outdoors under a partly cloudy sky.

When it comes to expanding your commercial premises, it’s easy to overlook the option of modular buildings. After all, a modular building could surely never be as sleek, modern and bespoke as a traditional build… could it? This is where we may surprise you, as our new modular buildings are designed to look fantastic and include all of the features and mod cons you require for your office, marketing suite or sales room.


Fully bespoke design

Let’s start with the fact that your modular building can be practically any size and layout, ensuring that the building is shaped around your unique requirements rather than the other way around. Intricate space planning comes into play here, as we offer a wide range of internal configurations so that you can choose the one that will maximise efficiency, productivity, collaboration and flow.


Stylish features

We then have the equally functional but also highly aesthetic features to choose from, which can include a canopy, porch, full-height glass doors and windows, suspended ceilings and downlighting, ergonomic workstations, and a wide range of hardwearing and attractive flooring options. Chances are that most new marketing suites and pod offices you’ve visited in recent years are actually modular buildings, yet they’re designed so that you wouldn’t even realise because they feel so upmarket and inviting.


We sort the plumbing and electrics

Sometimes people ask us how they should go about installing the plumbing and electrical systems in their new modular buildings, to which we say, “you don’t have to!” All of our modular buildings come with the latest plumbing and electrics, which means that they’re ready to go once installed on your premises. In addition, this setup allows you to have toilets, staff kitchenettes and even showers included within the design, plus we’ll make sure that you have as many power sockets as required.


Energy efficiency is key

You can rest assured that all of our new modular buildings are extremely energy efficient, as they come with strong double glazing, securely sealed doors, the latest types of insulation, and solid construction that keeps out draughts. This makes modular buildings affordable to keep warm and they also offer excellent thermal retention, ensuring that the building stays warm in winter and is easy to cool during the summer months.


Create welcoming showrooms

If you work in the property development sector, modular buildings can be used for the creation of mini showrooms that give prospective buyers an accurate example of how certain living spaces will look once the construction phase is complete. For instance, you could give visitors a sneak peek at a bathroom or kitchen by kitting your building out with all of the latest fixtures and furnishings, which give a far more immersive experience than an artist’s impression.


A space that works for everyone

So many old buildings are very difficult to access due to external steps and awkward entrances. With modular buildings, everything is designed to fulfil modern accessibility standards, ensuring that people who use wheelchairs can easily enter and exit the premises.


Wow people before they even walk through the door

We’re very proud of the wide range of external finishes offered by our new modular buildings. Long gone are the days when they all had that ugly “prefab” look, as they’re now designed to fit in with current standards and styles of architecture. External finishes can take the form of cladding, timber, brick, stone or plaster renders, giving you multiple options and the perfect opportunity to flaunt your brand’s personality.


Modular buildings are installed very quickly

Did you know that modular buildings don’t require a building site for weeks on end? Our buildings are manufactured at our own facility and then simply transported to your premises, where our experts then install them in a fraction of the time of a traditional build. As well as being quicker and more convenient, this also minimises pollution, congestion, waste and disruption, plus it requires fewer vehicles and people accessing your site during the installation process.


Maximise your brand visibility

Another brilliant feature of our new modular buildings is that they’re ideal for large-scale branding. Many of our clients have added 3D lettering to the outside of their buildings, plus the large windows are perfect for decals. However, why not take it to the next level by having a wraparound vinyl graphic installed across the entirety of the building’s façade? Some of our customers such as Wates Residential and Radian Homes have done exactly that and the result is wonderfully eye-catching.

If you’re interested in external signage and branding, make sure to ask us for advice and recommendations.



Get more for less money

As if all of the above isn’t already enough to convince you that modular buildings are incredible, they’re also much cheaper than traditional construction projects. Whether you spend the saved cash on marketing, recruitment, training, new furniture or a staff party is entirely up to you.


Modular buildings for other sectors

It’s not just growing businesses that benefit from the many applications of modular buildings, as multiple sectors choose PF Modular when they’re looking to add new spaces to their premises. From nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and training centres to gyms, fitness centres, healthcare organisations, construction sites and a wide range of other sectors, our new modular buildings are the perfect choice.

Whether you need classic offices for administration, a spacious studio for your creative department, a welcoming reception for site visitors, a dedicated toilet or shower block, a secure storage area for equipment and bicycles, or a separate meeting room or breakout space that offers privacy and flexibility in equal measure, we have a modular building that will turn your vision into reality.


Make a splash with modular buildings

If you’re ready to find out more about the many benefits of modular buildings, get in touch with our friendly team today using our contact form.

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