29.02.2024 Modular Buildings

The Power of Smart Office Design and Modular Buildings.

interior of a modular office

Our place of work isn’t just a physical location where we get our work done; it is more than that. Offices have an effect on our productivity and wellbeing, so carefully considering your office space is crucial to a successful business. Modular buildings can positively impact the efficiency and motivation of the people who work within them. 


Modular offices are versatile enough to incorporate features that enhance the comfort of staff. PF Modular understand how to elevate office spaces to areas where companies can make the most of their environments and grow their business. Let’s have a look at how modular office buildings offer flexible, efficient and inspirational spaces.



Why good office design works for you


On average, we spend around 50% of our waking hours at work on a workday. Seeing as we spend so much time at work, the workplace should be a place where we want to be. Office workers need places that encourage focus as well as areas to relax to make the most of their working day.


Research consistently shows that the design of a workspace can influence employee behaviour, mood, and productivity. A well-designed office boosts a positive atmosphere, encourages collaboration, and helps employees feel more motivated and engaged. So, what can your business do to promote a better working environment? 


Natural Light

It has been found that UK office workers spend 90% of their time indoors. It is also widely known that natural light improves employee wellbeing and concentration. With this in mind, it is essential to consider light sources when planning your office. Artificial lighting is going to be inevitable, but incorporating enough sources of natural light gives employees a break from harsh lighting. 


Collaboration Areas

You should consider incorporating open collaboration zones within your modular office. Open-plan desk space allows employees to collaborate much more easily and create a strong teamwork ethic. Also, having large spaces away from the normal working environment to enable collaborative projects to develop can be beneficial. These spaces can include comfortable seating, writable surfaces and technology to encourage teamwork and creativity. 


Flexible Workstations

Furniture is an integral part of comfort wherever you are, and the office is no exception. Make sure you provide employees with adjustable and ergonomic chairs and workstations. This allows individuals to customise their workspace, promoting comfort and reducing the risk of physical strain.  


Employee wellbeing

Time away from our desks helps us all to recharge and be as productive as possible. By providing adequate rest areas can significantly improve employee performance. It is important to consider adequate kitchen space for preparing food and refreshments. In addition to kitchen space, comfortable break-out areas ensure people don’t have to eat at their desks. 


Green Spaces

You can incorporate greenery into your office to help with attention span and wellbeing. Whether you use indoor plants or green walls to bring nature into the office or have easy access to outdoor spaces. Greenery has been shown to improve air quality and boost overall mood and productivity.


Colour Theory

Choosing the right colour palette for your office will have a significant impact on the productivity of your staff. It is well known that colour has an effect on our psychology. Light and natural colours are calming, whereas brighter colours are more energising. It is important to keep bright colours to a minimum and as accents as they can be overbearing and uncomfortable. 


Colours are also helpful in bringing your company branding into the aesthetic of your workspaces. Incorporating branding into your interiors helps staff feel connected to the business. 



Modular office building with large windows. 


Modular Office Buildings create productive workspaces


The make-up of modular buildings encourages the principles behind productive office design processes.


“A workspace that caters for change and team building can deliver improved staff output,” says Lawrence Higgins from PF Modular. 


Everyone is different, and businesses have their own unique requirements depending on their industry or staff profile. Accommodating the diverse needs of your organisation is easily achieved with modular buildings. 


Adjusting ceiling heights or the number of windows to create lighter and more roomy environments is easy. Features like air conditioning and heating are incorporated to make spaces as comfortable as possible. 



Modular buildings bring flexibility


Modular buildings are fundamentally flexible and can be easily adapted to changing needs. As your business experiences growth, modular construction allows for seamless expansion by adding more modules. This adaptability ensures that your office space can evolve alongside your company, eliminating the need for extensive renovations or relocations.


Lawrence highlights the need for flexibility, “Modular office design allows for flexible spaces that break down physical barriers to create a more open work environment. Staff are more likely to collaborate, leading to increased productivity. 


 “As organisations grow, modular office buildings accommodate new teams or projects without significant disruption. Staff can have workspaces that suit their specific needs, fostering a more efficient work environment.” 


The adaptability of modular buildings allows for easy configuration of the workspace. From open-plan spaces to private offices and meeting rooms, you can create a space that best suits your business. 



PF Modular supplies high-quality modular offices in the UK


If you are looking for new business premises or looking to expand your current site, modular offices could be the answer you’re looking for. PF Modular have completed many successful developments around the UK. 


Our experienced team know how to create inspirational office spaces that will increase the productivity and wellbeing of your staff. So, if you are looking for a fast, convenient, flexible and sustainable solution to your office space, get in touch. 

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