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What is the difference between buying a new or refurbished modular building?

A portable cabin, with multiple windows and a door, sits on an industrial-looking paved surface, surrounded by a metal fence, with trees and a green sign visible in the background.

Buying new vs refurbished modular buildings.  

If you are looking for new office space or looking to add space to an existing site, modular buildings are a fast and cost-effective way to improve your working environment. However, with so many available options, knowing which is the best option for you can be challenging. At PF Modular we have a range of bespoke options, and we also have a selection of used and refurbished buildings available. So, what are the benefits of buying a refurbished building or a new modular building?  

What is the difference between buying a new or refurbished modular building?  

The needs of your business will determine the choice between a new or refurbished portable building, and either option will have great benefits to your organisation. There are advantages to both, and choosing the right option for you is a crucial decision; we can help you decide.  

Let’s have a look at the benefits of each to understand the differences.   

Buying new  

  • State-of-the-art. Modular buildings are always evolving, and PF Modular is always keeping up with the latest innovations. If you are looking to purchase a new modular building, you will have access to the newest fixtures and fittings available.  
  • Totally bespoke. When you purchase a new portable building, you are in control of the design process. PF Modular will work with you to design your space just how you need it. If you have any specific technical requirements, we can help you. You can decide the total look, inside and out.  

Buying a refurbished modular building  

  • Cost-effective. Buying used is a cheaper option without scrimping on quality.  
  • Faster turnaround. As the stock is ready to go, the design and planning process is significantly shorter, meaning that if you have a reactive requirement to have a building on your site quickly, a refurbished portable building may be the right option for you.   
  • Refurbished units can be modified for your needs. Whilst a used unit may not come with the totally bespoke package of a new model, we can still add in modifications to the layout to ensure that your space works best for you.   
  • Environmentally friendly. Modular buildings are a great way to get extra space in an ecological way, and going with a refurbished option is even more so. By reusing a previously owned modular building, you are extending the structure’s life cycle and reducing your building’s environmental impact. Furthermore, you are reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and cutting down on harmful CO2 emissions that inevitably come out of the manufacturing process.   

  Modular Building

Why choose a refurbished modular building?  

As you can see, there are many benefits to purchasing a used or refurbished modular building and the choice can very much depend on the needs of your business.  

In addition to all the other positives of opting for a modular building, with a refurbished model, you can expect to see faster turnaround times and increased cost savings in comparison to choosing a brand-new portable building.   

Have a look through the available stock on our website, and a standard refurbished building can be delivered in just 2-3 weeks from the point of order. This means that if you have an urgent requirement for additional space, then a used portable building can be the ideal choice for you. Used modular buildings can be customised to your needs, this will add to the lead time but not significantly.   

The cost saving on a used modular building may also play a large part in your decision-making. For example, as a general guide, you can sometimes see costs reduced by around half the cost of a new modular building.   

Whilst the cost savings and turnaround time may be the most important things that influence your decision, the environmental benefits of choosing a used building are undeniable. Rather than breaking down and wasting a building that is no longer required, therefore creating unnecessary landfill waste that cannot be recycled. This makes a used building a great sustainable option.   

So, if a totally bespoke building is not your prime concern for your finished building, then a used or refurbished building may be the perfect option for you.   

  Module installation

What is the difference between prefabrication and modular construction?  

Prefabrication is the process of building anything that does not take place on-site. Whilst modular buildings are constructed off-site, modular construction is just one part of prefabricated construction. The term modular construction is the process of creating buildings through a series of ‘modules’ which are then ‘assembled’ together on site. For example, a modular building can be seen as a series of rooms that are ‘prefabricated’ in a factory setting before being shipped to your site for assembly.   


If you want to discuss which option is best for your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at PF Modular, who have experts on hand to help you through the process. You can contact us on 01420 587880 or drop us an email. 

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