Modular SEND Classroom Buildings

Building accessible spaces for all students with adaptable modular buildings.

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Modular Classrooms from PF Modular support students with SEND

Schools need to ensure they provide accessible learning spaces for all students and modular buildings have the flexibility to make this possible. It is essential to recognise that every individual and their specific learning needs to make sure that every child receives the best education.

PF Modular supplies modular buildings that provide all the essential criteria to make sure that all needs are catered for. A modular building delivers all the space and flexibility to supply a supportive and inspirational environment for SEND students.

Young people need motivational spaces to make the most of their education, and some students need extra support. PF Modular is an expert in helping design safe and inclusive spaces.

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The Benefits of a Modular Classroom for SEN Students

  • Cost-effective – Modular SEND classrooms provide a fast solution to learning spaces and cost around 50% less than a traditional build. Modular buildings make the most of strict education budgets.
  • Flexible – PF Modular has a team of design experts who can ensure that your space is tailored to your specific special educational needs. 
  • Eco-friendly – Modular SEN Classrooms are constructed in a factory environment that produces less waste and fewer carbon emissions.
  • Sustainable – A modular classroom is built to last and is constructed using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. Our buildings are kinder to your students and to the planet.
  • Portable – Your modular building can easily be moved to another location if your needs change to really make the most of your investment.  

What is a bespoke modular classroom building?

Schools know that it is vital that every child has access to a great education. It is particularly important for children with special educational needs (SEN or SEND) or access issues to be able to access teaching unhindered. Modular buildings offer a unique opportunity to be accessible to all with easy modifications. The bespoke nature of modular buildings means that accessibility and flexibility are at their core.

  • Accessibility – every child deserves to access a quality education. Whether students have mobility issues or need to use a wheelchair, modular classrooms are perfect for providing students with the space they need. Ramps and wider doorways can be built into your new classroom to ensure all students have easy access.
  • Technology—Modular buildings provide all the technology required for a modern classroom. Students can access online learning through comprehensive network cabling and all the data ports you need. Audiovisual equipment will make lessons easy to follow for all students. You can also include hearing loops for hard-of-hearing students.
  • Flexible Space – You can design your space to address the needs of every student. Open-plan spaces are great for group working, projects and are also easy for students to move around. You can also incorporate private spaces for one-on-one learning or quiet spaces for students with neurodivergent requirements.
  • Designed to DfE guidelines – PF Modular classroom buildings conform to all building regulations and relevant legislation. Our buildings go beyond the DfE requirement, so you can rest assured that your students will be well looked after.

Our Modular Classroom Process

PF Modular is committed to delivering a modular classroom suitable for SEND students that is built to your exact requirements. When you have placed your order, this is what you can expect.

  • Delivery – When the construction of your new classroom building is complete a heavy goods vehicle will be used to transfer it to your location. Please ensure that the lorry can get access.
  • Installation – Once prepared, your new building will be lifted into its designated area. Our experienced crew will then start with the installation procedure, which typically takes 1-2 days.
  • Completion – We’ll coordinate all the right professionals to begin the fit-out, which we would expect to be complete in 5-7 days.
  • Minimal disruption – The main construction of your building takes place off-site. Minimal disruption on your site during installation and fit-out means that your students and staff are kept safe.

Modular SEND Classrooms available to buy

PF Modular is ready to make the purchase of your new SEN classroom as smooth as possible. Our team is experienced in listening to your requirements and designing the space you need to care for your students.

We’ll help you to make sure that you have all the facilities you need to provide tailored care and education to children of all needs. We’re proud to say that PF Modular will support you and your students every step of the way.

PF Modular helps you to assist your SEND students

Our modular classrooms are spacious, comfortable and fully bespoke. We’ll help you to provide inspirational and welcoming learning spaces at your school. Our team will make sure that you receive a sustainable and cost-effective classroom within your required time frame.

We’ll take the stress out of the buying process and keep you informed throughout the development. Our experienced team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

If you need any further information, get in touch today.