05.09.2022 Modular Buildings

Are Modular Buildings worth investing in?


Modular buildings are increasingly popular yearly, with the coronavirus bringing their flexibility and usefulness to light. However, the construction industry needs to utilise the benefits of modular structure much more to keep up with the sustainable demands of developing areas whilst also tackling the housing and economic crisis making construction unfeasible in many areas. We take a quick look into the elements of a modular building that can affect cost and desirability – and whether or not modular construction is worth all the hype.


How long do modular buildings last?

Modular buildings are wonderfully robust constructions developed over the generations to stand the test of time. Remembered chiefly for their ugly exterior and shipping container appearances, modular buildings are certainly hardwearing. However, in today’s industry, they have been developed much further, both in appearance, durability and sustainability. The materials used to build modular buildings are often some of the most technologically sophisticated materials available to the market, produced to increase the sustainable impact of the building on its environment. There are predictions that a modular building will remain suitable to its buyer’s needs for at least thirty years without repairs. Still, most modular building suppliers also provide a renovation service on existing modular buildings so that you can extend the quality and life of your building without too much hassle. These renovations are not dissimilar in the time frame from what you would expect when repairing a traditional building, such as a brick building. 

How much do modular buildings cost?

Modular buildings have proven themselves time and time again to be the more affordable and economical choice for those investing in the construction sector. Prices for modular buildings these days are typically ranging from £7000 to anywhere up to £150,000, depending on the specifications and client needs. Overall you can expect to save between 10 to 35% compared to traditional buildings, making them the more affordable choice.

A small establishment will be considerably cheaper to build than an entire school. As modular buildings are made up of modular pods, you can expect to pay more for the more pods you need, but with saving when opting for a whole modular building. If you take a classroom, once you fully consider all the additional elements necessary for your classroom, you can look at the upper end of the price spectrum.

Of course, there is also the option to hire a modular building rather than buying outright, and then again, there are refurbished models to help towards even further savings. Prices for hiring a modular construction can range between £100 to £300 per week, though it could get higher depending on your needs.


What Affects the Cost of Modular Buildings?  

Naturally, different elements in modular construction contribute to the overall costs of your building. Various aspects of the construction process will affect the end cost, from design and size to materials. What you intend to use the facility for is also a consideration for the price, such as a permanent building, temporary or custom.

People are asking more critical questions about modular buildings, mainly if they are worth the money and how long they are expected to last – since there hasn’t been a long enough time to predict that truly. As trusted suppliers of modular buildings, it is our duty to provide insight and research results found in the construction industry. So we have assessed the quick pace it takes to build a modular construction and the considerable affordability of modular buildings compared to their traditional counterparts.

Modular buildings are certainly not new to the construction industry. Still, people’s interest is only starting to move towards them, so it’s essential to get this information to the forefront. If you would like to speak to anyone about the details of modular construction and portable buildings, please get in touch, and one of our experienced members will be happy to assist you.




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