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PF Modular supplies new, used and refurbished portable cabins to a wide range of market sectors throughout the UK. Offering a fast, affordable solution to your accommodation needs, our robust, high-quality cabins fit a variety of requirements. Check our current stock – if there’s something specific you need, please contact us. New for this year, we are offering cabin hire for medium to long term use.

A portable cabin is a self-contained, standalone building that’s designed and built to be easily transported, rather than having a single, fixed location. Constructed offsite in a factory, they are transported between locations by lorry and lifted into position by crane.

While the terms ‘portable cabin’ and ‘modular building’ are often used interchangeably, there are important differences between the structures. Modular buildings are constructed from two or more individual building modules, which are delivered to site and connected together to create buildings of various sizes and multiple storeys. They are semi-permanent structures, while portable cabins tend to be used temporarily and relocated.

Choosing The Right Cabin

We supply portable cabins in a wide range of sizes and specifications, and they can be fitted out to suit many different end uses.

Our new portable cabins all have a full timber frame, plasticol-coated steel exterior and Marley Deck roofing, and we offer a range of internal layouts and optional extras to suit your specifications.

Alternatively, if you don’t require a new portable cabin but are still looking for a high-quality product, you can choose from our range of second hand cabins. All are sold as seen, while our refurbished products have been fully refurbished to a high standard and can be refitted to suit your needs.

What Are Some Of The Benefits?

There are many advantages to choosing portable cabins to solve your building requirements.

  • Speedy construction times: The whole project – construction, delivery and installation – can be complete in a matter of days.
  • A cost-effective solution: Portable cabins cost a fraction of the price of constructing a new building, and require minimal maintenance.
  • Minimal site disruption: Offsite construction means minimal site disruption and reduced health and safety concerns.
  • Complete flexibility: Portable cabins are highly customisable and can be adapted to any use according to your specifications and design.
  • Freedom of location: As temporary structures, it’s easy to move a portable cabin if you need to relocate it.
  • A temporary solution: Unsure whether your need for extra space is a long-term requirement? Portable cabins provide the ultimate solution.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Their construction process generates less waste and fewer emissions at both factory and site location, and the materials used are ozone friendly and recyclable.
  • Energy Efficient: Compared to traditional buildings, the carbon footprint of a portable cabin is up to 90% lower, saving you money on your energy bills.

To find out more about our range of new, used and refurbished portable cabins, or to obtain a quote for your project, contact PF Modular for a no-obligation chat.

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