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Common Frequently Asked Questions About Modular Offices

Popular with domestic homeowners as well as corporate business facilities, modular buildings serve several purposes and have distinct advantages and disadvantages. A modular structure is a construction of separate sections prefabricated to the required dimensions, which are then put together to form the final building. Whilst they are very popular with multiple benefits, many still have questions about them. Here we aim to address some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.


What is a modular office building?

A modular building is, as stated above, a construction made up of separate sections which are put together on-site but initially constructed offsite. They are highly regarded for their money-saving abilities and increased ROI for businesses. One of the critical money-saving aspects of modular construction is that they are generally built elsewhere on a production line and can be transported to their required location in a relatively complete form. This substantially reduces the time there is a disruption to the site, as we can complete installation in as little as hours. In addition, this offsite construction method means you order a high-quality portable office fitted with everything you might need and then install it on site quicker than it would take to have a traditional building constructed.


Are portable offices popular?

Portable office buildings are the new normal in new build construction. Sustainability and space-saving have become a significant consideration in all construction work, and modular construction offers many of the solutions the industry has been looking for. Many existing offices are already being built using modular construction methods. Still, they are done so well that you could not tell the difference between a traditional building and a modular office. Businesses or schools can expand quickly without jeopardising their current processes and causing unnecessary noise and distraction for team members and pupils. Once they are completed, modular buildings are generally not easily distinguished from their ‘bricks and mortar counterparts and have all the facilities necessary. In addition, a well-constructed modular building should depreciate in the same way as a site-built addition to the premises, retaining its value for many years.

Their cost-effectiveness attracts many people and businesses to the idea of using modular buildings to extend their properties. Three factors contribute to their excellent prices. Firstly, as mentioned, there is a rapid construction time for building the modular space into the existing site. This reduces the disruption time, which does not negatively affect productivity and the associated loss of earnings. Furthermore, we can build the modular unit in the factory whilst the site preparation is taking place, and this simultaneous progress means that the overall build length could be up to half as long as on a site-built brick project.

Moreover, the modular spaces are built in factories means they are not susceptible to changing weather patterns. A day of hard rain will not mean that progress must halt, as is often the case with site-specific builds. Protection from the elements also means that building materials avoid damage. Finally, the large production lines are building modular units in vast quantities – enabling them to negotiate discounts on materials from suppliers for working in bulk.


Are Modular offices permanent?

Our professional team installs portable buildings on-site, but we can remove them later if your contract expires or you decide to sell your modular office building. With most modular building hiring agreements, at the end of the contract, it is arranged for your building to be removed quickly and efficiently from the site. So whilst modular offices are considered portable buildings, they can be left permanently in place or hired for many years per your business needs, making these a great flexible option for business development.

Can I buy a used modular office?

Used modular offices are available to buy and hire from your team. When you buy a modular office, you secure the office space for your employees and guarantee them a comfortable workplace. In addition, purchasing a portable office building is significantly cheaper than constructing a traditional one. Not only is it more affordable, but you can also sell your modular office back to us when you feel your needs have outgrown it. This ability to sell your modular office makes them an excellent option for high ROI and a notable sustainability benefit.


Do I have to buy a modular office?

You do not need to buy a modular office building. There is always the option to hire a portable building instead. Hiring can span anywhere from a few days to a few years, making them an excellent and versatile choice for those unsure whether they will need the construction when projects or plans change. Hiring a modular building is a straightforward process that our team are fully equipped to help you with.


Modular offices are increasing in popularity every day, and soon we can predict that most new buildings will be modular constructions. So – why not get ahead of the trend and invest in a modular building before they have the market share?


 Why not give us a call or get in touch today to see how we can help? You can speak to a member of our modular building team at 01420 587 880 or [email protected].


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