30.11.2022 Modular Buildings

Exploring The Practical Uses For A Modular Classroom

Portable School Buildings

Providing adequate space for schools can be quite a challenge. Budgets are tight, and space is at an ever-increasing premium. So how can your school improve the working environment for students and teachers? If you are restricted by space with your existing building or funding is unavailable for a permanent structure, modular classrooms from PF Modular will provide a great solution.   

In this article, we’ll look at the many benefits of a modular solution to your classroom requirements.   

  • Get extra classroom space fast. A PF Modular classroom can be ready to use in a matter of days. Our process is quick and straightforward. Classrooms are completely adaptable and can be installed wherever suits you.  
  • A conducive learning environment is proven to be beneficial for student performance. Any distraction from student studies, such as room temperature, will result in lower performance, but working in clean and modern spaces provides an inspirational and motivating working environment.   
  • Complete flexibility for your needs. You have control. Our classrooms can come fully fitted for multiple uses. If you need additional space for common rooms or staff rooms, then we can help. Additionally, we can discuss your needs if you have more technical requirements with equipment for science labs or music rooms.   
  • Cost-effective. Budgets are always a tricky subject. With less requirement for groundworks and less time spent on site, portable school buildings provide an economical solution to the problem of delivering academic space, leaving budgets available to benefit the school in other areas.  
  • Environmentally friendly solution. Sustainability is a key objective in many organisations, and with modular classrooms being constructed off-site, they create less waste going to landfill. They can also be moved or reused if your school’s circumstances change. Additionally, as they are fitted with high-quality fixtures, they are very energy efficient in maintaining heat and lighting.   

Portable School Building

How are modular classrooms built?  

You will find many types of portable buildings; our modular classrooms are custom-built to match your requirements and conform to all building regulations and relevant legislation. They are not only designed to your specifications, but they provide optimal comfort and efficiency.   

Our modular buildings are constructed at our site using high-quality materials; for example, our metal frames are made from heavy steel with zinc-rich paint, and the thinner steel is cold-formed from pre-galvanised material. This ensures that your modular building has a long lifespan.   

Further to the robust frame, buildings are completed with plasterboard on interior walls, and exterior walls are fully insulated. Ceilings are typically fitted with suspended grid ceilings to allow for lighting fittings and easy maintenance.   

You don’t have to conform to the traditional view of the modular building exterior. Gone are the days of plain grey walls unless that’s what you are looking for. Nowadays, customers are opting for a more modern finish with renders, cedar board or even brickwork for a more permanent feel. With exterior finishing like these, people would be hard-pushed to recognise your classroom as a modular building.   

As modular buildings are entirely constructed at our site, disruption on school premises is kept to an absolute minimum. Most of the hard work will take 1-2 days for the main installation of the building. We then need another 5-7 working days to work on the fit-out.  


How to design a modular classroom?   

We’ve already talked about the versatility of portable school buildings, so don’t forget that when considering your classroom use, you are in control. Are you looking for a standard classroom? Or something more technical?   

With this in mind, consider the use of your classroom first, then think “inside out”. How do you want the interior to work for you? The foundations of academic success are built on engaging student learning spaces and a positive working environment for teachers. Think about what facilities you need in the area, and come up with a wish list. Our extensive experience means that we can discuss how certain fixtures can work best for you and what has worked well on previous projects.   

The design process is unlimited, providing the most versatile space for you. For example, science labs can come equipped with non-slip flooring, sinks and benches. Music suites come fitted with acoustic treatments for the best results. You may need a dance studio with full-length mirrors.   

We will also account for anything that needs to be mounted to the ceiling or walls, like notice boards or projectors.   

If you need any advice on how complete the design process, our team are always on hand for any questions you may have.  

Providing a Practical Solution For Your School   

So, to conclude, a portable school building gives your school a cost-effective and efficient answer to any space requirements, whether you are looking for a temporary solution or something more long-term.   

As the main construction takes place away from the school premises, the disruption to your site and students is kept to a minimum. This means that school life can continue as normal until your building is ready for installation.   

The installation is also much quicker than you would expect from a conventional building process. You could see a brand new building ready for use within 6-9 working days from the initial installation.   

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team on 01420 587880 or drop us an email.   

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