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Gold members of Constructionline

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We are proud to announce that PF Modular achieved Constructionline’s Gold-level membership status in January 2024. This accreditation verifies that we have been assessed by Constructionline and meet PAS 91 requirements. 

Gold membership includes the following categories: Equal opportunity and diversity, Environmental Management, Quality Management, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Being a Gold member of Constructionline also confirms that PF Modular adheres to the modern slavery act, as well as following anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies. So you know that when you buy a modular building from us, you are investing in a quality building from a reputable supplier.

About Constructionline

Constructionline began life as a Government department and has supported thousands of businesses in the public and private sectors for over 20 years. 

Constructionline works closely with buyers and suppliers in the construction industry. Their members can access opportunities for new procurement contracts and projects. 

In addition to benefiting members, Constructionline allows buyers to access a validated pool of top-quality suppliers. They work to enhanced PAS 91 criteria and can endorse suppliers as ‘Deemed to satisfy’ for SSIP through their health and safety experts at Acclaim.

PAS 91 is a standardised pre-qualification questionnaire developed by the British Standards Institute, with questions commissioned by the Government. Constructionline adopted the PAS 91 question set in 2013 to ensure all members are compliant. 

Compliance is at the heart of Constructionline’s work. They help businesses understand new standards/requirements and enable buyers to search for a wider range of criteria.

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Why should you buy a modular building from a Constructionline supplier?

Buying a modular building is a significant investment that can provide a number of benefits to your business or institution. To get the best building, you need an experienced and compliant modular building contractor. 

Constructionline is a platform for construction procurement. Therefore, it simplifies the procurement process by validating all members and making all accreditations easily visible and searchable. This saves you time and allows you to select your construction partner confidently. 

Constructionline makes sourcing suppliers quick and easy. Buying from a Gold member, like PF Modular, means you know for certain all necessary standards and credentials are met. 

Two storey modular classroom building.

Modular Buildings from a Constructionline accredited supplier

Gold Constructionline member PF Modular is an expert modular building supplier. We have been providing top-quality, flexible modular buildings around the UK since 2005. 

We offer a wide range of buildings that offer lasting business solutions. Take a look at our current stock hereIf you are ready to start a new project, contact our friendly team today.

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