31.10.2022 Modular Buildings

Heating and Air Conditioning Options for Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are a very popular choice with businesses and organisations across a wide range of sectors, as they offer quick installation, a variety of customisation options and a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. They can be used for everything from sales and marketing suites to training spaces and classrooms, plus they’re a great way to add extra storage facilities to your premises.

By opting for modular buildings, you can also choose between temporary, semi-permanent and permanent solutions, which gives you total flexibility and the option to scale up or down as required. Thanks to them also coming in all kinds of sizes and styles, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your exact requirements and preferences.

And of course, modular buildings are constructed remotely according to your specifications and then quickly installed on your site. This means minimal disruption because the process is up to 70% faster than the traditional construction method, not to mention around 50% cheaper on average.

Once you’ve decided which buildings you’d like installing, we manage everything else and ensure that it’s a smooth and stress-free experience for you. The only thing to decide is how you will control the temperature in your new modular buildings, so here are a few tops tips from our team.


Fresh air in your modular building

It’s crucial that fresh air is present in a workplace, learning environment and any other building used by staff, visitors and customers. Fresh air increases and maintains air quality, which plays a large role in facilitating good health and mental wellbeing. The simplest way to achieve this is by opening the windows when the weather allows, so make sure to ask us for expert recommendations on the number of windows and their placement within your new modular building. 

In addition to creating a healthy work environment, fresh air is also required if your modular building is being used as a kitchen, canteen, shower or toilet facility. By allowing clean air to circulate throughout the building on a regular basis, it will reduce odours and fustiness as well as prevent bacteria and microorganisms from spreading. Last but not least, good ventilation keep the levels of oxygen up and carbon dioxide down, creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment. 


Temperature control in your modular building

In addition to keeping the air quality high, you also need to stay in control of the temperature inside the building. A classroom, office, sales suite or shower facility that’s either too cold or too hot is unpleasant for those who have to use it. In extreme cases, a lack of decent temperature regulation can even render the building useless. With this in mind, we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that modern modular buildings are fitted with the latest double glazing and insulation technology. This makes it easier to regulate the temperature and air quality within the building, plus condensation is kept to a minimum. 

Bear in mind that cold air, damp air and condensation on surfaces can greatly reduce physical and mental wellbeing, especially for people with respiratory conditions such as asthma, so it’s important that you always keep your modular buildings at a comfortable temperature just like any other room. 


Heating modular buildings

When it comes to keeping a modular building warm, we’re here to recommend a variety of options. One of the most popular solutions is electric radiators, as they are energy efficient and heat up a modular building very quickly. Smart heaters are particularly effective, as they can be pre-programmed as a means of both conserving energy and ensuring the building is the right temperature when its users start their day. Other heating solutions include electric fan heaters, halogen heaters and even underfloor heating systems. 

Remember that insulated modular buildings are very good at retaining heat, especially when the double glazed windows are closed, so it really won’t take much at all to warm the place up. This makes modular buildings both cost-effective and environmentally responsible, which is an excellent combination that adds to their popularity. 


Air conditioning units for modular buildings

In order to keep your modular building fresh and inviting throughout the year, you may also want to consider air conditioning. Modern air con systems have multiple functions, as they can heat, cool and recirculate fresh air, which gives you full control over the ambient conditions in your modular building. We’re all used to popping the heating on if it gets a bit chilly, but with air conditioning you can also choose to have cool air flowing when the room becomes too hot. Aside from keeping everyone comfortable, cool air also helps employees and students to remain alert, focused and productive, which brings an excellent return on investment.  

As with all aspects of modular buildings, their air conditioning systems come in many shapes, sizes and styles. It may be a case of you opting for one that’s purely functional as a means of saving money, or perhaps you’d prefer a model that’s sleek and plush with multiple features and settings. The choice is entirely yours and we’re here to help you make an informed decision. 


Modular buildings and energy efficiency

As mentioned above, new modular buildings are fitted with energy-efficient features such as double glazed windows and excellent insulation. If you’re looking for other ways to run a greener organisation, there’s also the option to have solar panels installed on the roof if it’s being installed on a permanent basis. Setting up automatic heating and cooling schedules will also help you to reduce your energy usage, plus choosing LED bulbs where possible can make a huge difference over time. For additional advice, make sure to ask us for our latest recommendations.


Ask us about modular buildings

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