15.08.2023 Modular Buildings

How can modular buildings enhance education?

Portable School Buildings

Modular classrooms are an excellent option to accommodate the growing needs of students and staff quickly and affordably. Modular buildings can be designed to fit your school’s specific needs, providing a motivating learning environment for students and staff.

Whether you face an increasing demand for facilities such as bespoke classrooms, staff rooms, or lunch and break-out areas, modular classrooms could be the answer to enhancing your educational establishment. 


Designed to fit your classroom needs

When buying or hiring a modular classroom, various bespoke options are available. This means you can customise your classroom to fit your exact needs. Here are some examples:

  • Science lab: Your science lab will have benches, sinks and non-slip flooring.
  • Food tech classroom: Food tech classrooms are fitted with food preparation equipment and temperature-controlled storage space.
  • Music suite: Completed with up-to-date acoustic equipment and soundproofing. 
  • Studio: Finished with blackout drapes, full-length mirrors and excellent acoustics.
  • ICT suite: Equipped with hidden cabling, sufficient power sockets and network points.
  • Library: Your library can be fitted with shelving and seating.
  • Athletic facilities: Made to include shower and toilet facilities.

Customising your portable classroom provides students and teachers with an optimised learning environment. Students can better focus on their studies with access to high-quality equipment. Staff can better focus on their students in a functional, well-equipped classroom.


Interior of a modular classroom


Stretch your budget further with modular classrooms

Schools often work with a strict annual budget. It can be challenging to get the most out of this budget, primarily when tasked with increasing capacity and facilities. Modular buildings are an affordable option to help your school stretch its budget further. 

There is a multitude of options available when it comes to modular classrooms. They are available new or used, to buy or to hire. 

Buying a new modular classroom is cheaper than commissioning the construction of a traditional building. Modular buildings are manufactured primarily in a factory to produce sections called modules. Modules are fitted together on-site to form the modular structure. This construction reduces production, transportation and installation costs, making modular classrooms more affordable. 

Used modular classrooms are fantastic alternatives to save some extra money compared to purchasing new modular buildings. Despite being preloved, used modular classrooms are still an excellent option if you want a high-quality building customised to your individual needs. Used modular buildings are refurbished to your specifications before installation. This means any wear and tear to the building is fixed, and features you require, such as non-slip flooring, can be added.


A quick fix: 70% faster than traditional building

Portable classrooms can be built and installed up to 70% faster than a traditional building. Hiring a modular classroom is a fantastic way to increase your facilities quickly if you don’t have the initial capital outlay to purchase a building. Modular classrooms can be hired, new or used, for long or short periods. Renting a modular structure can allow you to track and control your expenditure and maximise your school budget.

Due to factory construction, the on-site installation time for modular buildings is significantly reduced. This is a massive benefit for schools as your new building could be installed and ready to use during school holidays.

 Whether you require extra break-out areas for students to eat lunch, more classrooms or a new staff room, your modular building can be with you in as little as six weeks.


Minimal disruption to learning 

The reduced on-site build time means disruption to staff and students is minimised if your portable classroom is installed during term time. It is vital that teaching and learning continue as usual. Choosing a modular building can ensure the continuity of education, even during construction.


Quality structure

Even though modular classrooms are built and installed quickly and affordably, they are still high quality. 

Modular buildings are usually constructed using a wooden frame fitted with drywall. This means the building is much lighter than traditional structures. However, despite different construction approaches, traditional and modular structures are subject to the same building regulations.

Modular buildings can last just as long as traditional buildings with proper care and maintenance. This means your portable classroom doesn’t have to be a temporary solution.


Sustainable solution

Teaching sustainability is vital for students to understand the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. Using modular buildings at your school demonstrates your institution’s dedication to sustainability and what you teach your pupils.  

Portable classrooms are a greener option than traditional buildings. Factory construction minimises waste, as any excess materials are reused, repurposed or recycled. 

Transportation is also minimised. This reduces the number of vehicles needed during delivery, thus decreasing CO2 emissions.

Exterior of an eco-friendly modular classroom

Energy efficient

Modular buildings feature high-quality insulation, HVAC systems and advanced sealing techniques. These features ensure temperatures inside are comfortable in both cold and hot weather. This minimises disruption to learning by reducing discomfort due to temperature, thus enhancing the education experience for staff and students. 

There is also a constant stream of fresh air, and humidity levels are controlled, which protects the contents of the building. 

Furthermore, these features reduce energy consumption, thus lowering energy costs for your school.


Find out more about our modular classrooms

Pf Modular has been supplying high-quality, cost-effective modular buildings since 2005. Take a look at our current stock here.

If you are ready to learn more about how a modular classroom can be tailored to your educational needs, contact our friendly team today.


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