13.09.2022 Modular Buildings

How can schools save money on development?

Schools need all the help they can get these days. With rising energy costs, funding getting cut, and the price of everything causing issues for teachers and parents, it’s crucial to take stock of what we have and consider how we can save.


3 Tips for schools to help save money during development

Recycling – is essential to be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, but by being aware, you are also taking preventative measures against waste and sneaky costs. Reusing where possible, recycling initiatives, and investing in more eco-friendly processes and equipment have long-term savings on materials and energy costs. By reducing, reusing and recycling, you can make considerable long-term savings that build over time and lend themselves to cleaner and more efficient processes. Many shops offer cash or vouchers for the textile trade, and some supermarkets will exchange plastic bottles for coupons or points; you can even sell electronics in second-hand shops. These measures may seem like petty cash compared to the savings needed to tackle rising energy costs, but it is a start to helping your school get into a better mindset.

Hiring or buying a used modular classroom – leasing or buying a used modular classroom can facilitate changing needs at your school. Used modular buildings are held to the same standard as new ones but at a fraction of the cost.

Renting out premises – Schools have a lot of space to offer which is valuable to smaller businesses and clubs. See if you can find a willing staff member to help watch over the school during out-of-hours to encourage the ability to rent out gymnasiums or classrooms for local clubs and events. These opportunities for large, cared-for, trusted spaces could be a handy cash injection for the school. 

How would using modular buildings help our school save money?

Green credentials: Modular buildings utilise offsite construction, making them an excellent option for schools looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money. When modular buildings are built, they are built in a factory setting which reduces construction waste, uses fewer resources and concentrates on external congestion. Additionally, modular buildings are designed to meet high thermal retention performance standards – an issue many old building schools suffer with.

Fast construction: Schools can benefit from the rapid construction modular classrooms offer. This significant advantage can mean a building could be provided within weeks compared to respective months to a year for a traditional build. Better yet, these buildings are created offsite, so their construction does not disrupt school time or learning. Many schools often opt for modular classrooms installed during the summer holidays to minimise disruption.


Will energy efficiency have an impact on school savings?

It may sound like a costly investment, but energy efficiency shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, energy costs are skyrocketing, so now, more than ever, it is necessary to put methods in place to mitigate those costs. There is help available from various councils and funds to get those measures in place before the winter hits. We can expect that 30% of school districts’ energy is not efficient or used helpfully.

It is essential to keep track of energy usage to see when it spikes and make reasonable adjustments to validate these spikes. This could be anything from not firing a kiln during peak times to planning Bunsen burner use, so gas is not being wasted.

Another critical thing is insulation. Ensuring your existing buildings are as efficient as possible will help you save a lot of money of energy and prevent excessive wastage. Insulation, lighting and roofing conditions are essential components in your school buildings, as many are older and predate many energy efficiency legislations. A drafty building could be wiping away your heating in easy swoops, meaning having that thermostat on higher and longer, resulting in expensive bills.

Getting your staff’s support and the buy-in would be best when pushing a greener initiative. This support will help make the entire process easier and more impactful. Each staff member will also be able to influence students, involving and educating them in the process and turning off all lights when not in use will be infinitely more manageable when everyone is on board.

Track your energy usage daily, and look for ways to tweak how you use energy. Start with significant changes, like checking your insulation, windows and door seals, which will prevent leakage and cold breeze. Modern buildings such as modular classrooms are safe from energy leaks due to the energy-efficient nature of their construction, design and material usage. Once you have a good amount of data on your energy usage, you can see how your changes impact the overall costs. Finally, assess whether it would be more beneficial to renovate parts of your school to modern, energy-efficient construction rather than keep old buildings struggling.  

Overall, schools need help making ends meet. However, whilst being energy conscious and cutting costs on the material may seem like the only option, it won’t make much of a dent compared to investments in considerable savings such as modern constructions like modular classrooms and eco-friendly initiatives. 


At PF Modular, we work with many schools to provide cost-effective classrooms. These buildings are energy efficient and create long-term savings opportunities, precisely what the education sector needs now. Contact us today to speak to one of our seasoned experts and see how our modular classrooms can benefit the expansion of your school. 

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