31.10.2022 Modular Buildings

How Can Schools Save Money with Modular Buildings?

Schools have always had to adhere to strict annual budgets, which is particularly challenging now that there’s a cost of living crisis caused by increasing prices and sharply rising energy bills. In order to help your educational institution manage its finances more effectively, here are some top tips on how schools can save money by choosing modular buildings.


Modular school buildings are highly versatile

Whatever you need when it comes to adding internal spaces to your schoolgrounds, college premises or university campus, there’s a modular building that will perfectly suit your requirements. The versatility of modular buildings is enormous, as they can be used for anything from traditional classrooms and training spaces to science labs, food tech kitchens, staff rooms, canteens, bike hubs, storage units and toilet/shower facilities. 

If you’re short of space and need to add a new building to your site, simply get in touch and we’ll talk you through your options. We guarantee we’ll have the perfect type of modular building to fulfil your requirements, plus you may be surprised at how cost-effective they are. Speaking of which….


Modular classrooms are very affordable

Compared to traditional construction, modular buildings come with multiple savings. First of all there’s the fact that the building is manufactured off-site and simply installed on your premises, which reduces the costs involved with transportation, materials and labour. As well as being more affordable, these factors also significantly reduce disruption on your site, allowing your staff and students to go about their day without delays and obstacles.


Achieve energy efficiency with modular classrooms

Every aspect of modular construction is better for the planet. The construction phase requires fewer vehicles and transportation, plus there’s zero waste because everything is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that prioritises sustainable practices. Then there’s the energy-efficient nature of modern modular buildings, which are fitted with thick insulation and strong double glazing as standard.

When combined, these factors mean a lower carbon footprint all the way from conception to completion and far beyond, which makes modular classrooms an environmentally friendly option for schools, colleges, universities and training providers. As we’re sure you’ll already know, buildings that are easy to heat are also great for budgets, as you can effectively lower your energy bills when you choose modular buildings over traditional construction. 


Modular buildings are designed to suit your needs

Modern modular buildings can be fully customised according to their intended purpose. We can provide modular classrooms that are already kitted out with everything you require to start lessons right away, such as:

  • Classrooms with furniture and fixtures
  • Science labs with benches, sinks and non-slip flooring
  • Music suites with the very best acoustic treatments and effective soundproofing
  • Food Tech classrooms with cooking facilities and temperature-controlled storage spaces
  • Purpose-built gyms for PE and exercise sessions
  • Nurseries and day care centres designed to be safe for very young children
  • Toilet and shower units with sleek and hygienic fixtures

All you have to do is tell us what the modular building will be used for, what it should include and how you’d like it to be laid out, and our team will do the rest. This saves you a lot of time and can also be a lot more affordable than sourcing furniture, materials and equipment from multiple suppliers. 


Modular buildings are up to 70% faster and 50% cheaper

So, you know that you’re short on space and your teaching facilities are too crowded. The time has come to add a new building or two to your site, but should it be another classroom or is it time to switch things around a bit?

Thanks to the high levels of customisation offered by modular buildings, which can include everything from size, shape and configuration to style, fixtures and their location on your site, this is your opportunity to greatly improve the functionality and flow of your premises. Perhaps it would be better for the admin department or reception to be closer to the main entrance? Or maybe your IT suite or school library are currently hidden away and would benefit from being more central? It could even be something as simple as needing an extra maths classroom adding alongside the others, or more seating for students during lunchtime in a spot that’s very close to the existing canteen.

Due to modular buildings being up to 70% faster and 50% cheaper than traditional construction, you have multiple options and can make more suitable decisions thanks to adaptability, speed of installation and unlimited personalisation.


Additional cost-saving options

Whilst modular buildings help schools to save a lot of money when expanding their learning environments, there are additional investments that can be made which bring a strong return, especially over time. Make sure to ask us about features such as motion-sensitive lighting, integrated solar panels and smart thermostatic systems, as all of these can be used to monitor, manage and reduce energy usage to an impressive degree.  


Would you rather pay monthly?

Many of our customers desperately need a new modular building but don’t have the budget at the moment. If this is the case with your educational facility or training centre, make sure to ask us about our finance options. 

We’ve teamed up with a successful and reputable financial solutions provider which has been securing competitive asset finance for businesses since 2009. By taking out finance, there’s no lump sum and you can spread the cost over an agreed timeframe. 

This can also come with tax benefits and it’s a fantastic way to protect your cash flow, as the modular building is paid for in manageable monthly payments. The result is a fully bespoke modular building as soon as you need it without using up your entire budget all in one go.


Ask us about modular classrooms

If you’re ready to find out more about the many benefits of modular buildings, get in touch with our friendly team today using our contact form.

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