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How to elevate your business with a luxury marketing suite.


A marketing suite is a great way to welcome visitors onto your site or development. You want your visitors to build that long-lasting first impression before they have even seen your plans.

If you are selling a property, your potential buyer should be blown away by the house and its interior. But if you are selling homes on a new development, you need to be able to create that incredible first impression when the houses may not have even been built yet. That’s where modular buildings come into their own.

Using a modular building as a marketing suite is an excellent option for any construction or development company. You need somewhere where your sales and marketing staff can have a comfortable base to welcome guests and complete day-to-day administrative tasks.


The benefits of using modular buildings for marketing suites.

In this article, we’ll have a look at many advantages that modular construction brings to the need for a marketing suite:

  • Fast turnaround – it is well-known that a modular building can be ready to use on your site much quicker than a traditionally constructed bricks and mortar building. This means you can order your marketing suite and have it ready to receive visitors in around 4-5 weeks. The sooner you can get prospective buyers onto your site, the sooner you can start making sales.
  • Cost-effective – The cost of a modular building can be around 40% cheaper than a conventional build. They use fewer materials and therefore generate less waste than traditional construction, which also makes them a greener option. Either way, you’ll be saving money from the start of your development, leaving you with a much better profit margin on your project.
  • Customisation – You want your buyers to be wowed from the moment they step onto your development. You have complete control over the design of your space, and the design team at PF Modular will work with you to achieve the results you are looking for. You can choose high-quality finishes, fixtures, and fittings to really give a feeling of luxury.
  • Flexibility – A modular building can be configured just as you need it. You’ll need office space for your sales staff and facilities to help them with their working day. You’ll also need to consider seating areas for visitors to wait or conduct meetings in comfort. With modular buildings, you can configure partitions and walls to create private spaces, as well as have open-plan areas that are light and welcoming.
  • Brand and Marketing – Modular buildings come with a raft of options for exterior finishes. You can completely brand your building to match your company personality and even include branding for the development itself, along with photos and renders of the development.
  • Versatile – your marketing suite is entirely portable and can be moved to another location. This means that when your development is complete, and you are ready to move on to the next project, you can reuse your building at the new site. This gives you a great return on investment. The versatility of modular buildings means that everything can be changed. You can redecorate, reconfigure walls and even completely rebrand the exterior to fit in with the new location. This also highlights the sustainability of the modular building process.

sales and marketing suite from the outside

Bespoke modular buildings to really impress.

The most important thing when it comes to sales is creating a good impression. Modular buildings are so flexible and give you the space to get really creative and design a space that is not only striking but is an inspiring space for your staff. Modular buildings come full of features to make the space workable for your employees as well as your visitors.

  • Office spaces – create ergonomic spaces so your staff can get their job done, with office furniture and all the power points you need for their office equipment and IT cabling.
  • Kitchen and toilet facilities – modular buildings can be hooked up to mains water and sewage, so your staff and visitors have all the necessary facilities.
  • Audio-visual equipment – have access to the latest technology so you can run presentations or slideshows to really showcase your properties if you do not have a show home ready to go.
  • Comfortable furniture – as well as providing office furniture, you’ll need to think about creating relaxing spaces for visitors to sit while they wait or deliberate on their purchase.
  • Choice of flooring – there is a vast range of options when it comes to flooring to create light, airy and comfortable spaces. You can choose from comfortable carpeting or hard-wearing flooring or even go for a mixture to create different areas in your space.
  • Various exterior finishes – you can really create personality before your visitors even step into your marketing suite with a choice of external finishes, including wood or signage, to really showcase your brand.

interior of marketing suite

Order your Marketing Suite today.

So if you are looking for a cost-effective, versatile and sustainable option for your next marketing suite, PF Modular are here to create a luxurious first impression that is bound to elevate your sales process.

The friendly team of experts at PF Modular are ready to discuss your requirements. They are on hand to help you plan and develop your modular building.

Get in touch with the team today to get your project started.

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