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Is modular a greener option for your project?

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With growing concerns surrounding climate change, sustainability within the construction industry is becoming increasingly important. Modular building is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional building and is a greener option for various construction projects.

Many sectors, including education and healthcare, are reducing their carbon footprint by investing in modular buildings.

Streamlined manufacturing

The manufacturing of modular buildings couldn’t be more efficient. 70% of construction happens in a controlled factory environment to produce sections called modules, which are fitted together to form a modular building.

Using a factory allows for a higher level of quality control than possible on a building site and improves sustainability. This is because waste is minimised, and any excess materials are reused, repurposed or recycled.

Minimal transportation

Dedicated factory manufacturing of modular buildings reduces the number of vehicles required for transportation.

When you think about traditional construction, many vehicles are involved. Cement mixers, loaders, dumpers, bulldozers, cranes, compactors and trenches are some of them. These vehicles take up a lot of space and pump a large volume of CO2 into the air. This happens both on-site and when travelling to and from the site, increasing carbon emissions and traffic congestion related to your project.

Modular buildings, on the other hand, are simply transported to your site, ready for installation by our specialist team. Therefore, the number of vehicles required is significantly reduced, resulting in faster, greener, more affordable construction.

Fast Installation

The more time it takes to construct a building, the greater its negative environmental impact.

Modular buildings minimise this impact due to their quick installation. Studies have shown that modular buildings shave between 30% and 60% off the lead time compared to traditional construction. This is excellent news for your business, which will have a fully functional building ready for use in less time and for the environment.

Reduced installation time of modular buildings also reduces noise, which can disrupt nearby wildlife (not to mention people). Dust and dirt, which can spread throughout natural surroundings, are lessened. The number of vehicles which can cause damage to grass and other greenery is also reduced.

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Modular buildings are designed to be green

Modular buildings are not just green from their inception but throughout their lifespan. They are designed with modern needs, goals and preferences in mind.

Modular buildings feature double-glazed windows, high-quality insulation, HVAC systems and advanced sealing techniques. These features ensure temperatures inside are comfortable in both cold and hot weather. New technology also makes modular buildings easier to heat, unlike old-school versions that would remain cold and damp. There is also a constant stream of fresh air, and humidity levels are controlled to protect the contents of the building.

Modular buildings can be fitted with smart heating systems and LED lighting to further maximise their energy efficiency levels. You can even install solar panels on the roof if you plan to keep your building in place long-term.

Excellent air quality

Due to modular buildings being made in a professional facility, they remain dry throughout the manufacturing process. This is wildly different to traditional construction, which takes much longer. This means there’s a greater possibility of damp and condensation settling into the timber and concrete.

Remaining dry means that modular buildings maintain good air quality once completed. This is brilliant news for users, especially those with respiratory problems, and also makes modular buildings greener. Better air quality lessens the need to constantly open the windows, retaining warmth and reducing the need to turn the heating up to the maximum setting.

Modular buildings as temporary or permanent solutions

The beauty of modular buildings is that they can be used as either short-term or long-term solutions. Modular buildings can be easily installed and later removed from your site. On the other hand, they are built to last if you plan to keep the building for an extended period.

This flexibility and adaptability eliminates the risk of constructing a traditional building which will soon become unfit for purpose and ultimately wasted or abandoned. The optimised use of buildings is at the heart of sustainable business. Modular buildings can help make your internal spaces benefit your green strategy.

Improve sustainability with refurbished modular buildings

Modular buildings required for temporary solutions are not simply discarded; they can be refurbished and reused repeatedly. Buying a used modular building is cost-effective and arguably even more sustainable.

Used modular buildings often still have a lot of life left in them. When you purchase a used modular building, they are checked for wear and tear and are repaired accordingly. They can also be refurbished to include anything from windows, doors and flooring to colour schemes which match your brand. Refurbishment gives you the chance to breathe new life into a pre-loved building.

Why should your business be concerned with sustainability?

Becoming more eco-friendly is essential for a wide range of sectors. We urge you to consider sustainability within your own industry and consider how your company can contribute to a greener future.

One sector where sustainability is gaining importance is education. Teaching sustainability is vital for students to understand the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. Incorporating modular buildings into your school’s infrastructure showcases your institution’s commitment to sustainability, aligning with the principles you teach your students.

Corporate businesses are also becoming more aware of how eco-friendly they are. A report by SmartestEnergy stated that 77% of consumers would prefer to shop from a brand which has adopted positive environmental practices. Modular office buildings are a fantastic way to improve your company’s sustainability and appeal to a broader customer base.

A modular building could be the answer to your sustainability needs.

We’re an eco-friendly business

As well as modular buildings generally having all kinds of green advantages, PF Modular is dedicated to being an environmentally friendly business. To achieve this, we created a comprehensive Sustainability Policy that we always adhere to. This ensures we can provide modular buildings that contribute positively to the environment.

Explore your sustainable modular building options

If you are ready to learn more about how modular buildings will save you time and money while being greener than the traditional construction route, contact our expert team today through our contact form.





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