07.07.2020 Business

New Name Highlights A Modular Business Landscape

You may have noticed a subtle change. Not only do we have a new website showcasing our expertise in portable & modular buildings but we’ve also changed our working, day to day name from Portable Facilities UK to PF Modular.

The company is still the same otherwise, same directors, the same level of service – just a fresher, more up-to-date name.

When the business began, our main product line was portable toilets; with components sourced from Italy, we assembled and shipped them to venues around the UK and worldwide. But our business, and the industry as a whole, has changed considerably in recent years and we felt the original name no longer reflected our core products, services and expertise.

Schools and businesses are under increasing financial pressure, with an eye on expansion and the environment, and that’s where we can add the most value to our customers. Supplying new and pre-owned modular buildings to be used as classrooms, offices, showrooms and marketing suites at a quicker speed and lower cost of traditional construction, with the majority of waste recyclable, our business – and those like ours – find ourselves at the forefront of a sustainable construction revolution.

Modular buildings have many advantages over traditional construction methods, and sustainability and CO2 savings are ones that will play a key role in reducing carbon emissions. Energy use across businesses in the UK is high, modular construction can help with that.

Managing Director, Richard Crawford explains:

“I joined the business in 2005 and now if we fast forward to 2020, we’re working alongside national housebuilders, corporates and schools to provide additional facilities with a green agenda in short timescales.

“In keeping with the direction the business is going, we felt the time was right to relaunch as PF Modular, which positions us as modular building specialists while retaining a link with our heritage, along with a refreshed logo and updated website.

“Many businesses and schools are now looking at ways to accommodate staff or pupils while maintaining new social distancing measures and, perhaps, installing a modular building could provide some much-need extra capacity. To that end, we are maintaining our stocks of used modular buildings which can be delivered in a matter of weeks from order date so we can respond to any urgent calls for help as schools and offices begin to return to their ‘bricks and mortar’ sites.”

PF Modular turns frames and shells of buildings like this into fully functional, high quality working spaces for the modern environment.

Send us a message or call us on 01420 587880 for more information in ways we can help your business or place of education.

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