16.04.2023 Modular Buildings

The benefits of modular buildings in the education sector

Modular classrooms are prefabricated structures perfectly designed to act as temporary or permanent learning spaces. These modern, spacious and energy-efficient classrooms are constructed off-site in a factory setting before being transported to their final location for quick assembly. If you’re considering modular buildings for a school, college, university or training centre, we’ve put together some of their top features and benefits.


Why are modular buildings great for the education sector?

Modular classrooms offer several advantages over traditional site-built structures. First of all, they cost less to construct thanks to them being manufactured in a controlled factory environment with standardised materials and designs. This also allows for faster construction times, as the modules can be built whilst site preparation work is underway.

Another advantage of modular classrooms is their flexibility. They can be customised to meet the specific needs of your school or organisation, and can be easily expanded or relocated if necessary.  In terms of aesthetics, modular classrooms can be designed to match the look and feel of traditional buildings, with a variety of exterior finishes and architectural details. Inside, they can be kitted out with modern technology and amenities, including high-speed internet access, interactive whiteboards, and energy-efficient lighting and heating systems.

Thanks to these benefits and many others, modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular across the UK’s education sector.


70% faster and 50% cheaper

We mentioned that modular classrooms are faster and cheaper than traditional builds, but these points are worth expanding on. Whether you require a new reception or admin department that’s closer to the main entrance, a dedicated IT suite with all the latest tech, a secluded school library for quiet reading, or simply a few extra classrooms due to a growing student population, modular buildings are the solution.

Modular buildings can be up and running a whopping 70% faster than traditional builds and can be up to 50% cheaper too. This saves you time, disruption and, most importantly, a lot of money.


Customisable design

Modular buildings can be designed and configured to meet the specific needs of a school, college or university, with a range of options available for the layout, finishes and amenities.


Environmentally friendly

Modular buildings are often more environmentally friendly than traditional buildings, as they can be built with sustainable materials and designed to be extremely energy efficient.


Quality control

Modular buildings are built in a factory-controlled environment, which means that quality control is easier to maintain than with traditional construction methods.


Temporary or permanent usage

Modular buildings can be used as temporary or permanent structures, making them ideal for schools and universities that require additional space either for a short period or for many years to come.



The applications of modular buildings in the education sector

Modular buildings can be used by nurseries, schools, colleges and universities to solve a wide range of problems and fulfil multiple requirements. Here are some common ways that modular buildings are used in the education sector:

Additional classrooms and lecture halls: Educational organisations can use modular classrooms to add more teaching space to accommodate increasing student populations or changing curriculum/programme needs.

Temporary learning environments: Modular classrooms can be a good solution for schools that need temporary classroom space while they are undergoing construction or renovation projects.

Portable offices: Modular buildings can be used as portable offices for teaching staff, administrators, janitorial teams and other employees.

Science labs: Modular buildings can be designed to serve as science labs, with all the necessary equipment and amenities included.

Music rooms: Modular buildings can be soundproofed and outfitted with the necessary equipment to serve as music rooms for band or choir practice.

Cafeterias: Schools can use modular buildings to expand their cafeteria space to accommodate more students during lunch periods.

Libraries: Portable buildings can be designed to serve as libraries, with shelving, seating and other necessary amenities.

Storage space: Schools and campuses can use modular buildings for the safe and secure storage of equipment, supplies and other materials.

Student housing: Modular buildings can even be used to provide additional on-campus housing for students. This can be particularly beneficial for universities with growing student populations or those experiencing a temporary surge in demand.

Athletic facilities: Modular buildings can be designed to serve as locker rooms and gyms, plus they can even contain toilets and shower facilities.

Cycle hubs: If you have a lot of staff and students cycling to work, modular buildings make excellent bike hubs.



Did you know we offer finance options?

If you need modular classrooms and other types of portable buildings quickly but don’t have the budget available, make sure to ask us about our finance options. We’ve teamed up with a successful and reputable financial solutions provider which has been securing competitive asset finance for businesses since 2009. By taking out finance, there’s no lump sum and you can spread the cost over an agreed timeframe.

Paying through a finance agreement makes it much easier to afford the modular buildings you need right now, protecting cash flow in the process. It also means that you can invest in modular classrooms that perfectly meet all of your needs without making compromises due to a tight budget.


Ask us about modular classrooms

If you’re ready to find out more about how modular buildings can be used as classrooms, training facilities, dining areas, libraries, offices and more, get in touch with our team of experts today through our contact form.

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