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Three ways to transform a used modular building

single storey modular building

Modular buildings are primarily constructed in controlled factories to produce units called modules. Professionals assemble these prefabricated units onsite to form highly flexible and durable modular buildings, which can be transformed and repeatedly reused.

The flexibility of modular buildings means that used modular buildings can be transformed over and over for future use. Three ways to transform modular buildings is repurposing, extension, and energy-efficient upgrades. This makes used modular buildings greener, more time-efficient and cost-effective than traditional buildings.

1)  Repurpose a used modular building to fit your needs

One way you can transform a used modular building is to re-purpose it. Modular buildings are popular amongst various sectors, and investing in a used modular building can save your business money. Buying used doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design or longevity either.

Modular buildings are classified as permanent structures and can last over 25 years, depending on how they are taken care of. Second-hand modular buildings are fully inspected, and any wear and tear is repaired before they are resold to fit a new purpose. This guarantees that your building can offer a solution for as long as needed. So, your modular building can grow and change alongside your business over time.

Second-hand modular buildings can also be customised with bespoke designs to fit the new owners’ needs. For example, a building that was once a modular classroom equipped with non-stick floors and science benches could be fully renovated to become a collaborative modular office. Anything from windows and doors to flooring can be refurbished to fulfil your vision. Your modular office could even be completed with the company colours on the walls and your logo on the exterior of your building.

2)  Expand capacity with used modular buildings

Modular buildings are known for their scalability. Therefore, second-hand modular buildings can be easily transformed via expansion. Modules are made to fit together, meaning a used modular building can extend a current modular building. Modular buildings can be single or multi-storey and are a time-effective solution to increase capacity.

Installing a second-hand modular building extension is much quicker and easier than a traditional building, as the structure has already been manufactured and stock is readily available. Quickly installing used modular buildings also minimises disturbance to surrounding areas, including the public and wildlife.

This speedy installation is vital for the education sector. Modular classrooms can be installed to expand a school’s capacity, improving the quality of teaching and learning provided to students.

3)  Upgrade your used modular building’s energy efficiency

Modular building is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional building and is a more sustainable option for various construction projects. Investing in used modular buildings is an even greener way to improve your space.

Modular buildings are sustainable from their inception due to streamlined manufacturing, minimal transportation, and fast installation. Modular buildings are also sustainable throughout life due to having double-glazed windows, high-quality insulation, HVAC systems and advanced sealing techniques.

Energy-efficient upgrades can transform a used modular building to make an even greener structure. You can further enhance the sustainability of your second-hand modular building by installing solar panels on the roof, using energy-efficient LED lights and motion sensors, and, finally, by decorating with paints that have low volatile organic compounds.

It is hugely important to be environmentally friendly in the education sector. Educating students about sustainability is crucial for them to understand the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. Incorporating second-hand modular classrooms, transformed to maximise sustainability, demonstrates your establishment’s commitment to the principles you teach your students.


modular school building

Are there any other ways to transform a used modular building?

Modular buildings are incredibly adaptable and can be redesigned to suit your needs. Other ways to transform your modular building include:

Interior and exterior renovations: Aesthetic improvements, such as updating flooring, painting walls, replacing outdated fixtures and landscaping, can transform your building. A fresh and modern look can make a modular building more appealing.

Integrate modern technology: Adding new innovative technology can modernise a used modular building to improve its efficiency and appeal. This could include smart lighting systems, climate control and security systems.

Install accessibility upgrades: Enable inclusivity by incorporating accessibility upgrades. The installation of ramps, wider doorways and accessible restrooms makes your modular building accessible for individuals with disabilities, allowing you to reach the needs of a diverse user base.

The benefits of buying a used modular building

Modular buildings can be transformed repeatedly by repurposing an old building, expanding capacity, or improving sustainability. As well as being adaptable, modular buildings have many other benefits:

Affordability: The primary advantage of second-hand modular buildings is that they are much more affordable. They require far less initial outlay than a traditional building and are more budget-friendly than a new modular building. The cost of site preparation is also minimised due to the straightforward installation process. Furthermore, modular buildings are energy efficient, which saves you money in the long run.

Quick Installation: Installing a used modular building is much faster than a traditional building as the structure is pre-manufactured in a factory. This means the structure will quickly be available for use. The quick installation also minimises disturbance to surrounding areas, including the public and wildlife.

Durability: Modular buildings are designed to be durable. When you buy a used modular building, this is still the case. During the refurbishment, any damage to the building can be repaired; this ensures you receive a high-quality, long-lasting structure.

Upgrades: Despite being second-hand, used modular buildings can be refurbished with bespoke turnkey solutions to fit your specific needs. This can include anything from windows to colour schemes.

Availability: We offer an extensive selection of used modular buildings. Click to view our current stock.

Transform a second-hand modular building with PF modular

PF Modular has been providing high-quality, flexible modular building solutions to businesses and organisations around the UK since 2005.

Contact our expert team today if you are ready to learn more about how a used modular building could be transformed into the perfect solution for your needs.

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