11.01.2023 Modular Buildings

Why should you choose contemporary modular units?

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Reasons to select contemporary modular buildings.  

When you think of modular buildings, you might think of the old style portable cabins where you had your Geography lessons at school – cold, damp and grey lifeless boxes. Of course, the more traditional style of portable buildings still have their function, but modular buildings have come a long way in terms of style and function.   

Today, contemporary modular buildings can seamlessly blend style, form and function to create sleek, beautiful and productive spaces for your business.   

What are the benefits of contemporary modular buildings?   

When developing your site, you’ll have to consider whether to undertake a traditional brick-and-mortar build or adopt a flexible modular building route. There are many benefits to choosing a modular option.   

Less disruption – as your modular building will be constructed at our manufacturing site, this means there will be fewer workers on your site and for a shorter period of time.   

Quick turnaround – because of the modular process, once your project has been signed off, you can see the installation of your building taking place in a matter of weeks.   

Versatility – the team at PF Modular will work with you to make sure your space works for you. The design process is entirely bespoke, from the look and feel of your building to where you want your plug sockets.   

Environmentally friendly – not only do PF Modular manufacture our buildings using only the materials required, producing less waste, but our modular buildings are built to the highest standards. We use modern materials and techniques which ensure that your space will be properly insulated, meaning it will be more efficient to run.   

Over time the development of modular buildings has led to more innovative designs meaning that they are not only efficient and flexible, but they can be eye-catching too.   

Why choose a contemporary modular building instead of an older version?  

The flexibility of design sees modular buildings come into their own, and at PF Modular, we excel at showcasing how beautiful and impressive modular buildings can be. Gone are the days of standard grey boxes.   

A traditional modular building or portable cabin might give you the additional space you need, but if you really want to make an impression on your customers and clients, there are more contemporary options that you can consider. Here are some reasons why modern design will benefit your business.  

First impressions. Choosing a contemporary style for your building will create a lasting impression on all visitors. A modular option provides that flexibility to really make the most of a modern design.   

Open plan. Contemporary design lends itself to open spaces that create an inspirational and productive work environment for staff and look impressive to anyone who visits.   

Natural light. People work better when exposed to natural light, which also has enormous benefits to our mental well-being, so think about bringing in as much natural light as possible.  

Storage space. Utilising clever and adequate storage areas means you can keep your work areas less cluttered.   

Branding. Modular buildings give you so much scope to follow your company branding. You can design your spaces from outside areas and into your working areas. This way, you can really show off your company’s ethos.   

Think outside the box. Let your imagination run riot. There are so many options available to you that you are only restricted by yourself.   

So whilst an older, more traditional modular building style may provide you with the space you need with a quick turnaround, taking the time to think about your space’s design could pay off in the long run.   

interior of marketing suite

Contemporary design and modular go hand in hand. 

Like puzzle pieces, many of the ideas behind contemporary design complement the concepts of modular buildings.  

The flexibility and versatility of modular buildings provide so much scope for the design and planning of your workspace. You are involved in the design process from the start. For example, you can decide where walls are placed, which is much more restrictive in a traditional build, particularly if you are renovating an existing property.   

Giving your workforce and clients space to work together and collaborate will see enormous benefits to your organisation, and a contemporary modular build will provide you with that room to grow.   

If you need assistance with the design process, our experienced team is on hand to give you all the help and advice you need.   

Start your new project.   

Get in touch with PF Modular today and find out how we can make your new building a space that your staff will love and your clients will remember. So give us a call or drop us an email today.

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