Sell Your Cabin

Sell Your Portable Cabin

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You’ve probably never thought about whether you can sell your portable cabin, but it’s a genuine proposition once you’ve finished using it.

Why Would I Do That?

For many, buying a portable cabin or modular building is a decision made under some pressure to meet an urgent accommodation need. Whether you need extra office space quickly in response to new business or temporary structures to replace fire-damaged accommodation, procuring temporary building space probably wasn’t the first thing on your mind at the time.
After all, one of the main strengths of portable buildings is their quick availability for use in an emergency, and often the fact that they’re temporary installations only remaining in use until the need is gone or something better is built. But what happens after that?

Benefits Of Selling

It’s in the nature of portable cabins that they can be removed almost as easily as they can be installed. The services are disconnected and they can be craned off onto the back of a truck and reinstalled elsewhere. This means there’s a potential market for secondhand portable buildings, and with everyone’s budgets ever more strained a used portable cabin can look like a very cost-effective solution to a short-term problem. Well built and with complete design flexibility, they can come equipped for a whole range of needs. Modern insulation and double glazing, plumbing and wiring for contemporary day-to-day life are all included within the structure, so for those buildings that haven’t been in place for long, removal and storage or sale and reuse are far more attractive propositions than destruction.

Help The Market

Numerous portable cabins are in use at locations all over southern England. Some will stay where they are for years, fulfilling a purpose that was initially temporary but is ultimately far more long-term.

This is not a problem; modern portable buildings are of very high quality and can last for many years, but most will remain in place for just a few years before being superseded or deemed no longer necessary. And it’s these structures that can be used to supply a buoyant market in secondhand and refurbished cabins.

If your modular building falls into this category, get in touch with us and sell your portable cabin for reuse.