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How much does a modular office cost?

Desks and office chairs fill an open-plan office space, with several people working at computers. The room is lit by ceiling lights and has large windows and structural columns.

Updated March 2021

Probably one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself – or your potential supplier – when considering purchasing a portable office is how much will it cost and how does that compare to traditional construction.

  • As a general guide, these temporary office units cost somewhere in the region of £850.00 per square metre (sqm) depending on exact specifications, with total costs ranging between £35,000.00 and £500,000.00.

But the cost isn’t the only consideration and there are many benefits associated with modular office buildings versus traditional build.

Associated Benefits Of Modular


Getting up-and-running quickly is likely to be a key requirement for any business, and a modular building will be a frontrunner as approximately 90% of the construction takes place at the factory so there are no delays due to inclement weather, and both time on site and potential business interruption is minimised.

How they look

Today’s modern portable office buildings are available in a whole range of styles, finishes and cladding options to blend into any traditional or contemporary surrounding, meaning you can create a seamless transition or something completely distinctive to suit your location or brand.


A modular building can be installed and ready-to-go in a matter of weeks, with all construction and fit-out, carried out offsite prior to craning into position on site. Almost every element can be customised to suit your requirements so there’s no need for compromise – and it’s flexible enough to accommodate future change.

Future-proof built-in

Portable office buildings can be configured to suit any current requirements and be reconfigured at a later date as demand changes. Each modular office building is moveable, stackable and can be completely repurposed, making it the ultimate future-proof capital asset. Modern modular buildings are also a great investment, being highly durable and designed to last for at least 50 years.



Using the latest technology and materials, these modern and sustainable buildings are highly energy-efficient, keeping temperatures optimum and energy bills low with air conditioning and heating options available.

To wrap up

According to indicative costs published by costmodelling.com in July 2017, typical build costs for a non-air conditioned 3000sqm office building are £1360/sqm.

Although it can be difficult to put an exact price on modular construction, the biggest asset in most businesses is time and a quick turnaround on an expansion project or new build – around half the time of conventional construction – can make a massive difference to your bottom line.

Why choose modular?

Portable offices can be hired or purchased outright as either new or refurbished so there are lots of different ways to maximise budgets and return on investment (ROI). Final costs will vary depending on the site preparations needed prior to installing, building size and exact specification required, however, it is likely to be around 50% cheaper than a traditional build, and at least 70% quicker to complete.

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