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Modular buildings are a fantastic way to create extra space on almost any site. Whether it’s for a temporary office, sales or marketing facilities, an educational space or classroom, or just extra storage space, there’s a modular building for you.

A modular building offers a flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional buildings. They range from temporary, to semi-permanent, to permanent. Available in a variety of sizes, they are constructed off-site to your specifications and transported to where they are needed. This dramatically reduces any upheaval or disruption on site. They cost on average 50% less than a traditional build and are generally up to 70% quicker to construct. Find out more about energy usage and stats for business in our recent post.

Fresh Air in Your Modular Building

Ensuring the air quality in your modular building is of a good standard is important, especially if you intend to use it as a classroom or office. The same applies if the modular building is to be a shower and toilet facility. Bringing in fresh air from the outside and keeping it circulated will reduce odours and bacteria or microorganisms present in the air. It will also keep the levels of carbon dioxide down.

Temperature Control in Your Modular Building

In addition to keeping the air quality high, you also need to stay in control of the temperature inside the building. Having a classroom, office or shower facility that’s either too cold or too hot is unpleasant for those who have to use it. In extreme cases, a lack of decent temperature regulation can even render the building effectively useless.

Modern modular buildings are fitted with the latest double glazing and insulation technology. They are often more efficient to heat than conventional structures. It is therefore relatively straightforward to regulate the temperature and air quality in these structures.

Air Conditioning Units for Modular Buildings

The best way to ensure the air is fresh and the temperature is correct in your modular building is to install a good air conditioning unit that can heat, cool and re-circulate fresh air. Because modern modular buildings are so well insulated, heating them or keeping them cool needn’t cost the earth.

Modular buildings offer an elegant solution to a wide variety of building problems. You will find a wide choice of specification options, ranging from extremely plush to purely functional.

If all else fails, completely bespoke options are also available and maybe the best option. Modular buildings are environmentally friendly, both in terms of the construction materials and from the point of view of energy efficiency.

To find out more about these structures and how a modular building could benefit you, contact us today.

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