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Priestlands School used modular building. 2 storey refurbished modular building with timber cladding A two-story modular building with wooden and dark panels sits within a fenced area. The surrounding context includes a brick structure, trees, and a paved pathway with parked cars.

18.12.2023 Buildings, Business, Modular Buildings, Posts & News

Repurposing Used Modular Buildings for a Sustainable Future

In the pursuit of a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, the construction industry has found a fantastic solution in modular buildings. These versatile structures,...

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A modern wooden building features large windows, one with an open awning, situated on a grassy lawn with an adjoining concrete walkway.

12.10.2023 Buildings, Business, Modular Buildings

The Longevity of Modular Buildings

As many businesses look for innovative solutions for their premises, modular buildings are becoming a more viable solution. The combination of versatility, efficiency and...

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A modern building with large glass windows, illuminated at night, stands in a landscaped area next to a nearly empty parking lot, surrounded by trees and streetlights.

26.03.2022 Buildings

Three steps to add quality office space quickly

A speedy and successful office expansion project starts with three key steps, explains Richard Crawford, founder and MD of PF Modular. Approx. 5 minute...

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A modern, single-story gray building with large rectangular windows casting shadows on the side, is situated next to a glass wall and a narrow walkway surrounded by some vegetation.

13.03.2022 Buildings

Four reasons to buy a pre-owned modular building

Richard Crawford explains how PF Modular recycles modular buildings for re-use and outlines the four main benefits of choosing a pre-owned building. (Approx. 5-minute...

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A modern two-story building with large windows labeled "SALES AND MARKETING SUITE," surrounded by landscaped greenery and paved walkways, situated amongst tall trees and other plants.

04.03.2022 Buildings

Five perceived challenges with modular construction

Mo Ankouri, Operations Manager at PF Modular, addresses five frequently voiced ‘worries’ about modular construction and explains how the right approaches overcome them. Modular...

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Steel-framed structure stands on a sandy construction site under a partly cloudy sky, with additional construction materials and scaffolding surrounding the frame.

17.12.2021 Buildings

What Are Modular Classrooms Made From?

And how much will a modular classroom cost me? When you’re considering modular options for your new classrooms, these questions are likely to be...

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A modern building with wooden exterior and large windows stands on a grassy area with another structure attached at the rear. One window is open, providing ventilation.

10.12.2021 Buildings

Getting The Best School Buildings

How do I make sure we get the best school buildings? Richard Crawford,  Managing Director of PF Modular, goes ‘back to school’ to share...

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Modular building under construction with large glass windows and doors, covered partially with white sheeting labeled "BBA." Surrounding context includes a cloudy sky and industrial yard.

20.11.2021 Buildings

What Is Modular Construction?

Or perhaps more importantly: what are the advantages of modular construction? In this blog, Richard Crawford, founder and MD of PF Modular, goes ‘back...

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A brick building with a red roof and columnar planters stands among tall trees. A sign reads "Garden Suite." The entrance features glass doors and potted plants.

24.01.2020 Buildings

Significant CO2 Savings Using Modular Construction

Carbon Dioxide Savings Report Modular buildings have many advantages over traditional construction methods, and sustainability and CO2 savings are ones that will play a...

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Modern living room with a set of sofas and chairs surrounding a glass coffee table, adjacent to a glass-walled dining area. The kitchen is visible in the background.

17.01.2019 Buildings

Installation Of A Modular Building With Video

High specification build in just 6 weeks – Six-week timelapse video How long does it take to construct a modular building? Watch our time-lapse...

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A building labeled "Southwood Vale Sales & Marketing Suite" has glass doors and windows with decorative tree patterns, set in an industrial context with reflections showing structural elements.

18.06.2018 Buildings

Heating and Air Conditioning Options

A Pleasant Work Environment Last Update – July 2021 Modular buildings are a fantastic way to create extra space on almost any site. Whether...

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Modular building sections connected to form a structure with wooden panels; multiple windows along the wall with a small air conditioning unit attached outside; surrounded by dirt, trees, and another building.

30.05.2018 Buildings

How much does a modular classroom cost?

Updated – July 2021 Schools throughout the UK are under pressure from an increase in pupil numbers, limited space and reduced budgets. Adding space...

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Desks and office chairs fill an open-plan office space, with several people working at computers. The room is lit by ceiling lights and has large windows and structural columns.

08.09.2017 Buildings

How much does a modular office cost?

Updated March 2021 Probably one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself – or your potential supplier – when considering purchasing a portable office...

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A modular building with wooden and gray panel siding stands on a dirt plot, featuring large windows and a small wooden deck railing, in a partially visible complex.

10.10.2016 Buildings

Refurbished Modular Classroom

Location: Orpington – Kent Sector: Primary School Education Building Type: Refurbished Modular Classroom with Cedar Cladding Testimony from the School Business Manager: “I fully...

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