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20.11.2021 Buildings

What Is Modular Construction?

Or perhaps more importantly: what are the advantages of modular construction? In this blog, Richard Crawford, founder and MD of PF Modular, goes ‘back...

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24.01.2020 Buildings, Posts & News

Significant CO2 Savings Using Modular Construction

Carbon Dioxide Savings Report Modular buildings have many advantages over traditional construction methods, and sustainability and CO2 savings are ones that will play a...

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14.12.2019 Buildings, Posts & News

Expanding Your Business Facilities

A Smooth Process (last update – October 2020) One of the most stressful situations for business owners is the need for bigger facilities because...

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11.12.2019 Buildings, Posts & News

Portable Offices Are a Wise Investment

Making The Finances Work (updated in February 2021) Over the last fifty years, portable buildings of all kinds have become increasingly popular as accommodation,...

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17.01.2019 Buildings, Posts & News

Installation Of A Modular Building With Video

High specification build in just 6 weeks – Six-week timelapse video How long does it take to construct a modular building? Watch our time-lapse...

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18.06.2018 Buildings, Posts & News

Heating and Air Conditioning Options

A Pleasant Work Environment Last Update – July 2021 Modular buildings are a fantastic way to create extra space on almost any site. Whether...

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30.05.2018 Buildings, Posts & News

How much does a modular classroom cost?

Updated – July 2021 Schools throughout the UK are under pressure from an increase in pupil numbers, limited space and reduced budgets. Adding space...

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08.09.2017 Buildings, Posts & News

How much does a modular office cost?

Updated March 2021 Probably one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself – or your potential supplier – when considering purchasing a portable office...

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10.10.2016 Buildings, Posts & News

Refurbished Modular Classroom

Location: Orpington – Kent Sector: Primary School Education Building Type: Refurbished Modular Classroom with Cedar Cladding Testimony from the School Business Manager: “I fully...

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