30.05.2017 Cabins

Who Uses Portable Cabins?

Practical Cabin Usage In The UK

(last updated – March 2021)

When people think of portable cabins, their first thought is usually of temporary classrooms in schools and colleges. Whilst it is true that this is a key area for their use, there are many other more varied applications of modular buildings. In addition, now that people are recognising the availability and benefits of used portable cabins, it seems likely that their applications will diversify even more.

One area which has seen the widespread use of portable cabins is that of business. Portable office buildings are often required on sites that are perhaps medium-term length but not permanent, such as housing developments or other construction projects. Their portability means that the office can be moved at the end of a contract and taken to the next if required, making it a cost-effective solution. Modular buildings can also be stacked vertically, giving extra space on the same footprint, as well as being fitted with heating or plumbing.

Marketing and sales teams have also been using modular buildings for some time, creating an inviting space for meeting with customers on location, like on holiday home parks or at outdoor pursuits centres. The full customisation options mean they can have cladding applied or a veranda area to make for a unique, appealing space.

More unusual are the instances in which portable cabins are used as a clubhouse and changing rooms, but this too is an ideal situation. Easily fitted with plumbing, giving hot water and showers as well as toilets and sinks, modular spaces can easily be partitioned to create small spaces within the module.

Others have turned their modular portable cabin into cafes, kitchens and shops. Using cladding on the exterior walls transforms the appearance of the cabin, making it an attractive café option, whilst catering facilities can easily be installed into the modular units. Pop up cafes and ‘pop up shops’ are a new trend seeing big growth, and portable cabins are helping many people to join the movement.

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