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Modular & Portable Office Buildings

PF Modular has a wealth of experience in providing permanent and temporary modular office buildings to businesses & organisations throughout the UK. If your business is running out of room for your team, a modular office is a cost-effective and quick way to solve critical space issues and if you can’t afford for your premises to become a building site for months on end, investing in a modular or portable office is a fantastic solution. We have seen rapid growth in this type of building over the last five years as companies often decide adding quick, quality, office space is often a better option than relocating altogether. To discuss a modular or portable office project, either call us on 01420 587880 or send us an email if you prefer.

Whether you require a single-room facility, or a large-scale, multi-storey modular office building, we can supply a configuration to meet your exact specifications. All of our modular offices provide high-quality, functional and attractive spaces, with appropriate thermal insulation, and they conform to the same building regulations as traditional buildings. These modular office buildings are built to last.

Find more on planning and regulations in our modular FAQs here.

Finance for your office can be managed through our partner, read more about we can help finance your building here.

Modular Office Building Use Cases

These modular buildings are suitable for a variety of uses in the corporate sector, including:

  • New offices & office accommodation
  • Portable offices
  • Waiting rooms & reception areas
  • Call centres
  • Conference & meeting rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Extrafile (storage for excess filing)

What Are Benefits Of Modular Construction?

There are many benefits obtained by choosing modular – here’s just four.

1 – Modular buildings provide a useful alternative to traditional construction, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations, improved site safety, early occupation and guaranteed quality. They also offer complete design flexibility so you can reflect your brand personality in your building.

2 – We offer a wide choice of sizes and layouts, giving you endless options and total flexibility in design from large, open-plan or multi-height spaces to individual offices. Our units can be linked side-by-side or end-to-end and stacked vertically to meet your current business needs. And if your business requirements change in the future, these flexible units can be added to, reconfigured, or disassembled and relocated.

3 – Externally, there’s a range of cladding and colours available so your building can blend seamlessly into its surroundings or make a real design statement, standing out for maximum effect. Meanwhile, on the inside, you’ll enjoy a high-quality working environment, that’s warm, comfortable and designed to maximise productivity. All our modular offices are fully customisable, and our build programmes are pretty much guaranteed once orders are placed and work is scheduled into the factory.

4 – Cost-wise, modular building prices are lower than a traditional build due to the ability to build the central part(s) of the building offsite and then transporting to your premises. Read more about the financial benefit in our post about the cost of a Modular Office.

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