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A modular building with wood and grey paneling stands on a lawn, featuring large windows and accessible ramps, surrounded by lush green trees under a partly cloudy sky.

08.06.2023 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

How can modular buildings enhance learning and growth in nurseries?

Making the most of early years education is essential to the ongoing learning and development of young minds. Providing flexible and inspirational spaces for...

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A building with wooden paneling and glass doors displays a sign reading "THE FOLIUM FINAL FEW REMAINING. A collection of apartments and townhouses in the most sought-after residential area. 020 3925 6630"

26.05.2023 Modular Buildings, Posts & News

Why are modular buildings a good investment?

At a time when UK organisations are experiencing increases in costs across many goods and services, businesses are having to think carefully about reviewing...

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A clean, organized classroom with a rectangular table surrounded by green chairs, featuring a large black interactive screen on a table, and a black door in front of a windowed wall.

16.04.2023 Modular Buildings

The benefits of modular buildings in the education sector

Modular classrooms are prefabricated structures perfectly designed to act as temporary or permanent learning spaces. These modern, spacious and energy-efficient classrooms are constructed off-site...

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PF Modular building with wooden and glass facade; "PF MODULAR SUSTAINABLE MODERNISATION" text on walls; visitor parking signs in front on paved area; outdoors under a partly cloudy sky.

08.02.2023 Modular Buildings

Make a big impression with modular buildings

When it comes to expanding your commercial premises, it’s easy to overlook the option of modular buildings. After all, a modular building could surely...

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A modern, cube-shaped building displays "SALES AND MARKETING SUITE" signage at ground level surrounded by greenery and trees, featuring large windows and a small balcony with potted plants.

23.01.2023 Modular Buildings

What are the different uses for commercial modular buildings?

More and more people and businesses are discovering modular buildings’ versatility when looking at new premises. Portable buildings are not only considered for construction...

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A modern building with large glass windows, illuminated at night, stands in a landscaped area next to a nearly empty parking lot, surrounded by trees and streetlights.

11.01.2023 Modular Buildings

Why should you choose contemporary modular units?

Reasons to select contemporary modular buildings.   When you think of modular buildings, you might think of the old style portable cabins where you...

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A portable cabin, with multiple windows and a door, sits on an industrial-looking paved surface, surrounded by a metal fence, with trees and a green sign visible in the background.

01.12.2022 Modular Buildings

What is the difference between buying a new or refurbished modular building?

Buying new vs refurbished modular buildings.   If you are looking for new office space or looking to add space to an existing site, modular...

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Classroom with tables and chairs, featuring a large digital whiteboard on the front wall, storage cabinets on the right, and various supplies on surfaces; a door is partially open.

30.11.2022 Modular Buildings

Exploring The Practical Uses For A Modular Classroom

Providing adequate space for schools can be quite a challenge. Budgets are tight, and space is at an ever-increasing premium. So how can your...

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Empty desks and chairs arranged in rows, facing a teacher's desk with a computer, in a brightly lit classroom, adorned with educational posters and a red bulletin board displaying "PLATOS CAVE."

31.10.2022 Modular Buildings

How Can Schools Save Money with Modular Buildings?

Schools have always had to adhere to strict annual budgets, which is particularly challenging now that there’s a cost of living crisis caused by...

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A crane lowers a large, gray container-like structure onto a construction site with surrounding equipment and materials scattered on the ground, under a clear blue sky.

31.10.2022 Modular Buildings

Heating and Air Conditioning Options for Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are a very popular choice with businesses and organisations across a wide range of sectors, as they offer quick installation, a variety...

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Classroom filled with desks and blue chairs arranged in rows; a bulletin board labeled "SMSC" on the back wall; windows on the left letting in daylight.

13.09.2022 Modular Buildings

How can schools save money on development?

Schools need all the help they can get these days. With rising energy costs, funding getting cut, and the price of everything causing issues...

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A modern black A-frame house features large glass windows, with two potted plants flanking the entrance. It's situated in a residential area with neighboring buildings and a clear sky.

05.09.2022 Modular Buildings

Are Modular Buildings worth investing in?

Modular buildings are increasingly popular yearly, with the coronavirus bringing their flexibility and usefulness to light. However, the construction industry needs to utilise the...

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A prefabricated building section being lifted by a crane; a worker in an orange vest below steadies it with a rope. The scene shows a construction site with cloudy skies.

04.08.2022 Modular Buildings

Common Questions About Planning Permission for Temporary Buildings

Planning permission has made even the savviest construction worker a little nervous. Now, with the introduction of temporary and portable buildings into everyday construction, people...

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Red-brick building with a pitched red-tile roof, displaying sign "HARTLAND Village" and "MARKETING SUITE" near entrance. Tall plants and bollards line the front; surrounded by trees and clear sky.

04.08.2022 Modular Buildings

Things to know before you buy a modular building

So you have heard about modular buildings, and with a project coming up, you are interested to know what all the hype is about....

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Office chairs and desks are neatly arranged, surrounded by windows and bright overhead lighting in a spacious, modern office environment. The far wall has motivational text displayed.

18.07.2022 Modular Buildings

Common Frequently Asked Questions About Modular Offices

Popular with domestic homeowners as well as corporate business facilities, modular buildings serve several purposes and have distinct advantages and disadvantages. A modular structure...

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